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What date do you put up Christmas decorations?

Putting up Christmas decorations traditionally is done as the start of Advent, which starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. However, most people begin putting up their Christmas decorations at the beginning of December.

When to take Christmas decorations down?

There is no 'official' date for when to take down your Christmas decorations and tree, but traditionally they are taken down during the twelfth night after Christmas Day. But many people start to take down their Christmas tree and decorations during the first week of January.

How to put lights on a Christmas tree

To save yourself from ending up with a tangled mess, here is how to put lights on a Christmas tree without all the stress:

  • First plug in your Christmas lights to make sure all the bulbs light up before you start putting them on.
  • Once they're all working, remove all the tags and plug the lights into an extension cord if you need to.
  • Start from the base of your Christmas tree and gently string the lights around the tree and through the branches.
  • To create depth, avoid a spiral pattern. Instead, randomly place some lights deeper into the branches.
  • Hide the cord at the back of the tree and make sure the cord is loose enough so it won't knock the tree down if pulled.

What other Christmas Decoration accessories can I find at Spotlight?

  • Party supplies: make sure you host the best Christmas party ever by shopping our massive range of party supplies. You'll find fold-in-half tables, napkins, plates, bowls, cutlery, cups and much more.
  • Christmas tree decorations: from angel and star Christmas tree toppers to colourful baubles and decorative beads, everything you need to make your Christmas tree stand is right here in our range of Christmas tree decorations!
  • Christmas craft kits: our vast range of and supplies are perfect for creating unique DIY Christmas decorations for your home.
  • Christmas trees: celebrate this special time of year with loved ones and family with our range of artificial , from traditional green colours to modern white Christmas trees.
  • Boxes, baskets and tubs: once the festive season is over and it's time to take everything down, make sure you can easily bring them out again next year with our huge range of storage boxes, baskets and tubs!

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