Spotlight offers steampunk charms, delicate chains, romantic keepsakes, as well as mini charms suitable for jewellery making. Shop online or in-store.

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Can I buy charms at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. We have an extensive collection of beautiful charms available online or instore, and all at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices. From delicate jewelled miniature charms to statement pendants that will complement your project flawlessly, we are sure to have the perfect charm for you.

What charm should I choose?

Well, that depends on your project really and what you have in mind. Whatever charm you have in mind to be the critical component of your next creation, shop now and get astounding deals on all of our selection of jewellery making essentials. We recommend that you fully consider the size and weight of the charm in relation to your project and our collection includes an extensive range of charms with different colours, shapes, and sizes available. If you are using a sterling silver chain, it is also suggested that you only use a sterling silver charm and not one that is silver plated.

What can I do with Spotlight's range of charms?

The possibilities are endless! There is so much you can do with our range of charms and pendants here at Spotlight. While the obvious answer is making jewellery, these fabulous charms would also look amazing if used for making hats, shoes or accessories. Create a unique key ring, handbag tassel or even attach our charms to zippers. You could also use charms in DIY home decor projects, or follow our tips below on making your very own charm bracelet.

How can I use your charms to make my own charm bracelet?

There are so many things that you do with our selection of charms, including making your own customised charm bracelets. Just follow our handy hints below for help and advice.

Prepare your chain:

Measure your chain so that it is a little bit bigger than your wrist and cut using wire cutters. This should allow for a clean cut, leaving the remaining chain usable. Then, attach your desired clasp to each end of your project. See here for our range of clasps and findings.

Arrange your charms:

Charm bracelets usually have between 5 and 10 charms on them, and you should do try to balance between larger and smaller chains. You could even choose charms that reflect your personality or to commentate a special event.

Attaching your charm:

Open your jump ring by holding one side with needle nose pliers and then gently opening the other side of the ring with another pair of pliers. Twist the circle gently until the ring has been opened. Then, thread the last link of the chain onto the jump ring, followed by the metal hoop that is attached to the charm. Finishing by gently closing the jump ring, again using your needle nose pliers.

Love your new bracelet:

Once you have repeated the procedure above for each of your charms, you will be left with your own unique creation. Whether it is a gift, or perhaps a treat just for you, everyone will be impressed with your stunning homemade, handcrafted charm bracelet.

What else is included in your charms range at Spotlight?

Spacers: This range also includes our assortment of different spacers. Place spacers in between your beads and charms or use them to separate string materials.

Tiny world fillers: Encapsulate tiny secret worlds into one of their array of terrariums. These stunning fillers include everything from roses, stones and glitters, and even miniature ornaments, and they are ideal for creating unique and beautiful rings, necklaces, charms and pendants.

Steampunk: This category also includes Steampunk pendants and charms. With their retro alternative vibe, steampunk pendants and charms can be used to create stunning statement jewellery. Shop Spotlight now for everything you need to make your own steampunk jewellery at guaranteed low prices.

How to care for my charm?

You should clean your charms with a soft dry cloth and avoid any contact with harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach. We would also like to remind you that charms can pose a choking hazard, and should be kept out of the reach of small children at all times.



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