Flower Wall Hanging Project


Cutting out your flowers

Step 1 - Use the flower image as your template and lay it out in your design program. Scale up one flower to be approx. 18.5cm wide (measuring from widest point between 2 petals). Scale down a second flower to be approx. 10cm wide (measuring from widest point between 2 petals). These two shapes will fit onto 12 x 12-inch page.

Step 2 - Choose the coloured paper you would like to use in your project, we have used a selection of greens, blues, yellows, oranges, pinks and purple.

Step 3 - Lay the coloured paper flat onto your cutting mat and load for cutting, once cut, unload and set aside your flowers. Repeat this step until you have cut out 16 large flowers and 17 small flowers.

Laying out your flowers

Step 1 - This wall hanging is very delicate to layout and stick together. You will need a flat surface such as a large table to layout your flowers. Start by laying out your large flowers face down four across following the photo, overlap the edge of each flower petal by approx. 5mm. Where the petals overlap is where you will secure them together with tape. Continue laying out your flowers and overlapping the petals so that you have four flowers across and four down. You can use washi tape to temporarily secure them into place.

Step 2 - Now that you have laid out all your large flowers, cut short strips of the sticky tape or double-sided tape, approx. 4cm in length. Tape down the overlapping petals, making sure you can't see the tape on the front side of the project. The back of your wall hanging will have sections of tape joining each overlapping petal.

Step 3 - Gently turn over your wall hanging so the flowers are face side up so you can lay out the smaller flowers. Lay out a small flower in the center of each alternate large flower. Then place a small flower in between each row of large flowers (following the picture). To glue the small flowers to the center of the large flower, place a glue dot in the center and carefully stick in the center of the large flower. To glue the small flowers in between the large flowers, carefully stick a glue dot on the very edge of the horizontal petals that overlap with the larger petals.

Step 4 - Check all your petals are stuck securely then attach ribbons or string at the top to hang.



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