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Spotlight's range of outdoor living products gives you the freedom to live your life - rain, hail or shine.

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Leisure time made easy-breezy

Whatever time you get to yourself or with your friends and family is precious, so you want to make the most of it. Having the right products to enjoy every second of your holiday, relaxation and leisure time will make the world of difference to your sense of satisfaction.

From a good set of headphones, eye mask and neck pillow for travelling sensibly to the perfect trolley, carry bag or shopping bag for loading up with new clothes and souvenirs, you'll be surprised by the accessories available for maximum enjoyment when getting out and about.

Essentials for excellent outdoor living

We all love the beach, and your beach day will be better if you have a quality beach umbrella or outdoor umbrella to provide sun protection. Why not take your lazing to another level with a sturdy, reliable beach chair so you can immerse yourself in a book or drift away to the sounds of your favourite music or podcast? Inflatable pool toys offer the kids - and playful adults - hours of splashy fun at the beach or poolside, which means keeping them out of your hair.

Whether at the beach, footy or elsewhere, sometimes the weather might not work in your favour but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy yourself. Just make sure you have the appropriate umbrellas and ponchos to help you stay dry if the heavens open and the rain starts to fall.

Wherever you may be spending your time - even if it's just wandering down the streets for a spot of shopping - equip yourself with strong and sizeable shopping bags to hold all your bargain buys without breaking your back. A shopping trolley or shopping basket could also be just the ticket. On days at the beach, a trolley transforms into a convenient buggy that saves you (and your back) multiple trips to and from the car with all the gear.

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