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Enjoy the Art of Quilting With a Great Quilting Machine From Spotlight

The art of quilting has been around for many centuries, dating back as far as ancient Egypt and China. Historically quilts have been made not just for warmth but as beautiful reflections of cultural heritage across many different countries.Not much has changed in modern times as quilts are still made for warmth and also as treasured items passed down through generations of families. Obviously the stitching was undertaken by hand during ancient times, but today the process is made easier by the use of sewing machines or specially designed quilting machines. This fun and creative pursuit typically involves the process of sewing three layers of fabric together - a top piece, a middle section known as 'batting' or 'wadding', and the backing material. Quilting isn't restricted to quilts, you can also use the technique to make garments too.

Quilting Machine FAQs

Can I use a normal sewing machine for quilting?

Yes, you can, but you may find it easier with a sewing machine designed specifically for quilting. This is especially important if you are going to make large and/or thick quilts, as a normal sewing machine isn't equipped for sewing big bulky items.

What are the features of a quilting machine?

Some features to look out for in a quilting machine are:

  • Special quilting feet
  • Many programmable stitch patterns
  • Free arm configuration
  • Large throat space

What Other Quilting Equipment Do I Need?

To get started on your quilting project you will need quilting tools and quilting accessories such as thread, quilting pins, safety pins, a needle, a quilting cutter, quilting mats, quilting ruler, batting or wadding, fabric for squares, fabric for the border and fabric for backing. It is important to choose the right material to form the middle layer of your quilt. We offer batting or wadding in a range of thicknesses, material, weight and colour.

Shop the Full Range of Quilting Machines and Supplies at Spotlight

At Spotlight we stock a range of sewing machines from all your favourite brands such as Elna and Quilters Choice, you can also use the in-store Long Arm Quilting Machine service to finish your quilt. We also stock many accessories and essential items such as quilting sewing machine needles, an extension table and assorted feet for your machine. Step into Spotlight to buy your even feed foot, darning/embroidery foot, quarter inch foot or your open toe foot. Our extensive range of fabrics means you will find any combination of colours, patterns and quilting fabrics to create a totally unique and special quilt which will be cherished for generations to come. Discover our FREE quilting project sheets for more inspiration and ideas today.



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