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The dress fabrics & apparel fabrics range at Spotlight is the place to find stunning fabrics for your clothing! Discover dressmaking fabrics online.

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Shop the Best Range of Dress Fabrics & Apparel Fabrics Online at Spotlight

With thousands of fabrics in stock, most available by the metre, and some in smaller pre-cut pieces, you will be able to find fabrics for all your clothing projects here at Spotlight. From cute kids designs to elegant evening wear and bridal satins, sporty Lycra to warm polar fleeces, linens, lace, velvet and faux furs, you will be amazed at our vast collection of stunning fabrics in a wide range of materials and colours. Make your projects come to life and create unique apparel with versatile dress fabrics from Spotlight.

Discover the Huge Selection of Dressmaking Fabric For Your Project

Spotlight's selection of dress fabrics features many colours, compositions and sizes. The range includes:

  • Woven apparel fabrics: The term woven fabric refers to fabrics that are either woven or knitted, such as polycotton, flannelette, muslin, rayon and more.
  • Specialty apparel fabrics: Our collection of specialty apparel fabrics is home to many different types of fabric ranging from animal prints to faux furs, imitation leather and vinyl, and a large selection of satins, silks, lace and tulle for evening wear and costumes. Check out the many options available in traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Knits apparel fabrics: Our range of knitted apparel fabrics is extremely popular, as the fabric lends itself to a large range of applications, such as tops, dresses, leisurewear and even bags and other accessories. Available in a wide range of designs including plain, stripes, spots, geometric shapes and more, you will also find seasonal fabrics and fun kids' designs in the range.
  • Licensed apparel fabrics: Create unique pieces featuring your favourite characters with stunning licensed fabrics.
  • Lining and interfacing fabrics: Get the right fabrics to line your garments and reinforce clothes with the vast range of lining fabrics.

Dress Fabrics FAQS

How much fabric do I need?

You will need to carefully lay out the dressmaking pattern you intend on using and measure the amount you need. Always add on a bit extra to allow for any mistakes and testing space. A lot of the fabric sold at Spotlight is sold by the metre so you can customise how much you need.

What are knitted fabrics?

Knit fabrics are a type of textile that is produced from 'knitting' by interlooping yarns together. Common knit fabrics include jersey knit, rib knit and fleece knit. Knit fabrics are stretchy, soft and easy to maintain making it ideal for a range of apparel projects such as t-shirts, dresses and pants.

What are woven fabrics?

Woven fabric is formed by weaving many threads together. Some examples of woven fabric include denim, poplin and flannelette.

Shop Everything You Need For Dressmaking and Sewing at Spotlight

Whether you're a beginner or more advanced and looking to upgrade your sewing equipment, look no further the Spotlight for everything you need:

Shop All the Dressmaking and Apparel Fabrics You Need at Spotlight

Quite often, the pattern of the garment you want to make will indicate what the best type of fabric is for that particular project. Spotlight stocks a huge range of dressmaking patterns for all types of clothing from baby and toddler outfits to kids clothing, and adult patterns for men and women, including petite patterns, plus-size patterns and maternity wear. Once you have selected your pattern, you will be able to see how many metres of which type of fabric are required. All your accessories, lining, trimmings, and sewing materials are also available here at Spotlight, all in one convenient place and all at amazing prices.



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