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A successful dining or catering experience can rest heavily on the presentation. As the well-known adage goes, you eat with your eyes first. So, if you kit out your kitchen with some carefully chosen pieces of servingware, your tasty canapés and dishes will impress guests even before the first bite.

Must-have servingware and serveware sets for every household

Trays, platters and dishes

From plain serving trays, serving platters and serving dishes to decorative, patterned or multi-coloured ones, there's no limit to the different methods for presenting good food. Depending on the 'feel' of your feast - rustic, royal or anything in-between - you may choose from glass, gold, wooden, ceramic, resin, steel… you name it! Just make sure your platter or tray gives your food the attention it deserves.

Serving bowls

Similar to trays and platters, serving bowls come in an infinite range of options. The main reason you'd opt for a bowl rather than a plate is for foods that are messier or liquid in form, which means bowls are ideal for salads, chips, dips or even soups that could tip over and spill everywhere.

Serving utensils

There's no use going to the trouble of the right set of servingware if you don't have the serving utensils to match - both functionally and decoratively. Utensils like salad servers add the finishing touch to your presentation that shows you really care.

Cake plates and stands

Cakes are a statement food item that will usually have people gathering around to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or another special event. So it makes sense to have the cake plate or cake stand that makes a feature out of the moment.


Drinking tea is one of the more delightful daily rituals to be indulged in either alone or with friends (and without guilt). It's worthwhile honouring any tea-drinking occasion with loose-leaf tea brewed in a teapot - the way tea should be enjoyed (no bags allowed!).

Tips for serving hits

Be abundant

Make sure your platters and serving bowls are well-stacked with food. If the plate looks too empty, swap it out for smaller-sized serveware. Your guests need to feel satisfied regardless of the amount of food available, and initial perceptions play a huge role in filling stomachs.

Present a rainbow of flavours

A colourful display of food will have an immediate wow-factor as soon as your guests lay their eyes on it. Put some unexpected pops of colour on the plate - like edible flowers - to really impress them.

Make it bite-sized

If your guests are milling around in the room or maybe just sitting on chairs rather than at a dining table, it makes sense to serve food that is bite-sized and easy to handle while they're also juggling a beverage. Simple, snack-sized portions that can be speared by a toothpick will be really appreciated.

To the power of three

Grouping foods in three - such as three meats on one side of the plate, with three cheeses to the other, and possibly three fruits in-between - has a symmetry that looks right. If you've got larger bowls or platters, you might like to go with groups of five (generally, odd numbers is the way to go).

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