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Decorating your kid's bedroom

The challenge with decorating any child's bedroom is to create a personal space that it also conducive for sleep. By following these simple steps, you'll turn your kid's room into a sleep-friendly sanctuary that they'll absolutely love.

Think about the lighting

Bright light can be highly stimulating so, instead, introduce cute lamps and night lights or make sure the main light in the room is dimmable. Blackout curtains are also handy for turning any hour of the day or night into sleep time (especially when daylight savings changes mess with internal clocks).

Map out sleep and play zones

If the bedroom is big enough, a designated sleep zone is a good way for creating the shift from a play or productivity mindset to one of rest and slumber. Similarly, position any desks or play items as far away from the bed as possible so the distinction between play and sleep can be clearly made.

Keep it cosy and functional

The bedroom is a safe space, so your kid's room decor should be cosy and comforting but not cluttered and messy. Invest in some kids storage solutions that are specially designed for stowing toys and making packing up easy for impatient little people. You get to keep everything under control and the kids learn good habits in the process.

Give it some pizazz

You may not think of kids bedrooms in the same way as you do for the adults but that doesn't mean you can't add some design flourishes. Introduce a colourful rug, put up some art and decals, create a chalkboard wall or choose some bright throws and cushions with funny text and imagery. Get your child to take part in thinking through the design so they can also take pride in the bedroom you both create.

Why not go with a theme?

Start a mood board and see if you can come up with a theme for your kid's bedroom. Themes appeal to kids and they're also a useful way of tying the elements of the room together. Your theme might be based around colour or maybe something general like dinosaurs or fairies. Otherwise, it could be more specific - such as a DC Comics theme or a May Gibbs gumnuts theme - that can start with the kids bedding and then be mirrored in the kids accessories - e.g. pictures on the wall, bags and backpacks, water bottles, graphics in lampshades, upholstery on chairs and so on.

Find the right kids bedroom items at Spotlight

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