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The Right Tools for the Job! Discover the Best Cutting Tools for Crafting at Spotlight!

At Spotlight, we offer cutting tools for all types of crafting jobs. So, whether you are into card making, scrapbooking, or even fashion design, Spotlight has all the right cutting tools for the job. Curious what cutting tools you need for your craft? Check out our information below to find out!

Which Cutting Tools Do I Need for Card making?

There are several cutting tools you need for card making, since it can require a lot of cutting and trimming. One of the first cutting tools you will need is a craft knife. Craft knives tend to be perfect for card making, since they can easily cut through stronger materials.

In addition to the craft knife, you will need some scissors. Scissors are the best option to cut several shapes for your card making needs. However, to get the most out of your scissors while card making, make sure you get scissors with the appropriate handles.

Another essential cutting tool you require for card making is the paper trimmer. With a paper trimmer, you can cut with the greatest accuracy - this opposed to cutting with scissors and a craft knife. They can also cut through several layers of paper, which makes the trimmer ideal for creating multiple cards at once.

To ensure you do not damage your furniture while card making, you also need a cutting mat. The cutting mat protects the furniture underneath against scratches from the cutting knife, but also protects your valuable interior against stuff such as adhesives and ink.

Which Cutting Tools Do I Need for Scrapbooking?

Even though scrapbooking is a lot of fun, it usually requires more cutting tools than card making. Of course, it does depend on your own creativity though, since some people use the same number of cutting tools while card making.

The first tool you will need for scrapbooking is once again the craft knife. When you need to cut some denser materials to put in the scrapbook, this will be your number one cutting tool to return too. Naturally, if you will use a craft knife, you'll also need a cutting mat to protect the table you're working on.

For scrapbooking, you will also need a punch. The craft punch is considered an essential for scrapbooking, since it can be used for many different things. Punches are available in many different shapes, and could provide you with easy paper shapes such as hearts, stars, or any other shape you would like to add to your scrapbook.

A trimmer could be an excellent addition to your kit too, but it is no essential for scrapbooking. However, you will need a good pair of scissors for those delicate cutting jobs.

Does Spotlight Stock All These Cutting Tools?

Spotlight provides papercraft lovers with all the cutting tools they need for scrapbooking and card making. To get familiar with our exquisite collection of cutting tools, please check out the catalogue on this page to familiarise yourself with our range. Have a question about these cutting tools? Do not hesitate to contact Spotlight today!



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