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What Are The Best Ways To Present And Promote Art?

There are different methods you can use to present your artwork these days. You can use our selection of presentation easels or choose one of the many frames in our catalogue. To ensure you present your art in the best way possible, here are Spotlight's top tips for art presentation.

When Should I Use Frames Or Presentation Easels For Art Presentation?

Frames are a popular choice to present artwork, especially in art galleries and museums. Many artists also use frames to increase the value of their work, especially when they are displaying their work to the public and trying to make a sale.

The frame you use for your artwork is important. Plastic frames will not have the desired effect on sales, so look for options such as gold-plated, which radiate value to art appreciators.

Presentation easels are also a great way to present your artwork, this includes for sales as well as in your art studio. However, it is not recommended to sell your work in an art studio, as there is too much stuff around to distract potential customers. Instead, get a presentation easel for a presentation in the local gallery.

Is The Best Way To Promote My Art?

There are a number of ways you can promote your artwork effectively. Here are some tried and tested methods obtained from experienced artists.

Create Your Portfolio

One of the first things to do is to create a beautiful portfolio. Whether you take photographs or do paintings and sketches, a portfolio is the best way to get your work known out there. It can help you get into art school or be noticed by a potential employer.

Some artists also like to include some text with their artwork, as a brief description or even a title for your artwork can fuel the imagination of the viewer. This is especially recommended for anyone applying to art school. Of course, it is also interesting for potential employers, who may use your artwork in advertising or magazines. So, there are many reasons to create your own portfolio.

Artists can get their portfolio supplies from Spotlight too. Spotlight provides an extensive range of portfolio folders, which can make it easier to find that perfect fit for your art. Of course, all of Spotlight's portfolios are also available for the sharpest prices.

Do Not Forget Your Online Presence

Getting an online presence is just as important as a portfolio these days. Since artists are displaying their artwork online these days, you must make sure that your artwork is present in this environment as well.

There are a bunch of online galleries where you can display your artwork and get some attention from the right kind of people. As you get more attention, you can eventually create your own website where you display your artwork. You can even create an online store where art lovers can acquire your art.

Online galleries and your own website are important, but social media is even more so. Social media is a brilliant way to connect to art lovers, providing you use the right hashtags. So, do not be afraid to do a little bit of research before you start your online journey.

Look At Art Competitions

Another way to promote your artwork is to submit your work in art competitions. There are plenty of competitions for beginning artists, and some of these competitions can actually have brilliant prizes. So, art competitions can provide you with some seed money as well as opportunities to kick-start your art career.

Of course, art competitions are about more than just prize money, they also provide you with some recognition in the industry. It is also one of the most affordable ways to break through in the art industry. You can find valuable connections, get opportunities, and maybe even find your way towards the big time through one of these simple competitions.

Presentation Easels And Other Tools To Promote Your Artwork At Spotlight

Spotlight has a large range of tools that can help you promote your artwork, this includes our range of presentation easels, portfolios and so much more. Be sure to check out Spotlight's art supplies too, which are also available for the sharpest prices.



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