Patterned Upholstery

Spotlight offers light, medium and heavy-duty upholstery fabrics. Shop our patterned upholstery range and create beautiful items for your home today!

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Can I purchase patterned upholstery fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, check out the many beautiful and elegant patterned upholstery fabrics here at Spotlight, ideal for a range of projects from making table runners to cushion covers, as well as upholstering footstools, chair seats or larger projects for around the home. With different styles and weights of fabric on offer, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your fabric.

What should I consider when buying patterned upholstery fabrics?

There are different things to consider when deciding which upholstery fabrics to buy. Here are some:

  • Durability:Consider how much wear your upholstered item is likely to get. Some fabrics such as silk are extremely elegant and luxurious, but they will not stand up to much wear and tear, and while they are suitable for items such as a cushion in a guest room, they would not be suitable for upholstering the family sofa.
  • Colour and design:Think about where your upholstered item will be placed, and make sure that the colour and the design of your upholstery fabric blends in with other items in the area. Too many patterned designs can clash and make for an uncoordinated appearance, while a clever blend of plain, checked or patterned fabrics can draw a design together.
  • Scale:Patterns can be deceptive while the fabric is still on the roll. A large pattern may not work on a small stool or ottoman, whereas a small-scale pattern may be lost on a large object. The same goes for rooms, where a small pattern may be lost in a large space. Also, remember that large patterns require more fabric if you have to worry about pattern matching along seams.

What types of patterned upholstery fabric are available at Spotlight?

In our range of patterned upholstery fabrics, you will find a large collection of woven fabrics with different designs including retro and contemporary images, text, geometric and abstract designs and more. There are also more traditional floral designs on offer as well as checked fabrics and animal skin designs. Several of our upholstery fabrics are available in different colourways, and all are available by the metre.

Does Spotlight sell other types of upholstery fabrics?

Yes, as well as patterned upholstery fabrics, we also have a range of plain upholstery fabrics and tapestry fabrics. In addition, you may want to look at our range of curtain and blind fabrics, as well as some of the general-purpose fabrics on offer, depending on the scale of your chosen project. These are just some of the huge range of different fabrics on offer at Spotlight. Specialist fabrics such as wadding, as well as thin micro fibre fabric for the backs or bottoms of upholstered furniture, are also on offer, as well as braids, fringe and other types of trim to finish off your upholstered items.



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