Pot Holders

Ideal for keen cooks and bakers, our range of potholders will protect your fingers from hot oven doors, baking trays or pots and pans. Available as singles or pairs, these colourful additions to your kitchen are very practical and stylish too. Buy some to match your kitchen decor or appliances, and take a look at our oven gloves and mitts, tea towels and other kitchen items for matching colours and designs. They also make a nice present for a friend or relative who likes to spend time in the kitchen and are useful for outdoor meals such as BBQs.

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Can I purchase pot holders from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Pot holders are a piece of heat resistant material that will protect your hand when you are grasping a hot tray or dish. These handy kitchen accessories are a must have to protect the chef, and with such a wide choice of colours, styles and designs available, we are certain that you will find one that will complement your home decor perfectly. To purchase our fabulous selection of potholders, shop online today, and we will deliver right to your door. Alternatively, call into your local Spotlight store, where one of our friendly team will be on hand to help you in any way that they can.

What is included in this range?

Pot holders are a safe and simple way to prevent unnecessary burns, and this comfortable, cool touch accessory is an essential item in most kitchens. There are so many pot holders to choose from in this fabulous selection, from stylish monochrome designs to floral patterns reminiscent of country cottage chic. Protecting your hands and forearms from high heats whilst combining fashion with function with one of our colourful designs. Practical and stunning, these awesome pot holders will ensure that your pots are not too hot to handle. If you are lifting a large pan or tray, use two pot holders so that you have one for each hand. With so many pot holders to choose from, and all available now at our guaranteed low prices, take your cooking to the next level with the fabulous kitchen accessories from Spotlight.

Would a pot holder make a good gift?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to bake or enjoys cooking, then a pot holder could be a fabulous gift. Whether you are shopping for a birthday gift for your mum, a Christmas gift for your dad, or a present for any other occasion, if you are shopping for someone who spends lots of time in the kitchen, they are sure to appreciate the fabulous choices of pot holders that we have available. Choose one in a colour or design that complements their kitchen, and they will love being able to show off their new pot holder with pride. If you are looking for an extra special gift, you could even pair one of these fabulous accessories with another example from our kitchenware range. Tea towels or an apron would be a great choice. Alternatively, if you are shopping for someone who is just learning how to bake, you could treat them to a selection of our baking utensils and accessories to create your very own gift hamper.

How do I clean my pot holder?

Well, that depends on which individual product you have chosen, and we always recommend reading the care instructions that come with your new item fully before cleaning it. It is important that you regularly wash your pot holders and ensure that you are aware of cross-contamination. Always wash your hands after handling raw meat. Pot holders are usually machine washable, and they should be washed on a warm or hot cycle. Allow your new pot holder to air dry and make sure that it is dried fully before storage. We recommend having multiple pot holders so that you can change it regularly and carry larger pots.



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