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How to Choose Your Best Colouring Pencils?

Looking for drawing or colouring pencils to take your artwork to the next level? If you are, be sure to read through our useful guide below. Our guide provides you with some useful tips on how to select the best colouring pencils for your needs, so be sure to check out the information below if you want pencils to make your artwork even better.

When Should I Choose Water-Soluble Pencils?

Water-soluble pencils are usually the best option for experienced artists. This category of pencils often includes options such as tinted graphite pencils and ink-like pencils. Water-soluble pencils may sound like they create a weak effect, but they are quite rich, dense, and versatile.
Please note that water-soluble pencils can be wet pencils as well as dry pencils - these terms will be explained in more detail below.

When Should I Use Wet Pencils?

Wet pencil is a common term used among artists. Wet pencils are often made with materials such as vegetable oil and soybean oil, so it is no surprise that these materials influence the effect such pencils can create.
We must also mention that some wet pencils contain waxes, which are great for versatility! When a wet pencil contains wax pastel, the pencil immediately becomes a good choice to cover larger areas. However, the pencil can still be used for more detailed work if the tip is kept sharp. Still, the wet effect will remain even with a sharper tip.

When Should I Use Dry Pencils?

Dry pencils are the opposite of wet pencils, because dry pencils are used when precision is needed. They also have a dry effect when used - this means it is easier to create finer lines and detailed artwork.
While the dry pencil sounds less exciting than the wet pencil, dry pencils are used frequently by artists. Even though they are mostly used in combination with wet pencils, they still have applications in art on their own.

How Many Pencils Do I Need to Start With?

Customers who are just starting out in the world of drawing might find it difficult to choose the right pencils. As a beginner, it is best not to invest too much in the beginning, since you will need time to learn.
For beginners, it is usually recommended to buy a 24-colour box. Ideally, you want some soft pencils with a rich colour, allowing you to experiment a little. Of course, you can also complement your collection with some of the other essentials - this includes light grey, olive-green, grey lavender, and dull tan.

Before the checkout, be sure to add a colourless blender to the mix too. The colourless blender does not contain pigment, so it will not add any additional colour to your paper. A colourless pencil is used to burnish the paper surface, which removes some of the tiny white flecks you get when drawing or colouring on paper. For beginners, this is certainly essential, since adding layers with other pencils is quite difficult where blending is concerned.

How Can I Keep My Pencils Organised?

After you have selected your pencils, you also need something to keep your pencils organised. The pencil sets at Spotlight already come in a box or a useful bag you can keep the pencils in, but we also offer other organisers where you can store art supplies, including your art pencils.

Storage boxes and accessories might not be your only option though, especially if you are an artist who likes to draw outside. If this is the case for you, it might be a good idea to check some storage cases for your pencils at Spotlight.



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