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How To Make A Bed Properly?

There are different kinds of bed linen in existence today, which can make it more difficult to make a bed when you aren't familiar with it. Fortunately, we can provide a decent overview with all the different types of linen you will need to use and how they are placed on the bed. So, if you want to make your child's bed look extra special with the right bed linen, be sure to read through our comprehensive overview below.

What Is A Coverlet?

The coverlet is a covering where the edges are hung over the side of the bed. However, only a few centimetres past the mattress. Please note that the coverlet should never touch the floor.

There are various ways to place a coverlet on the bed. You can tuck the coverlet in or leave it hanging over the bed, it all depends on your personal preferences. There is also a different implementation method for luxury coverlets, which can be put directly over flat sheets and blankets.

When you look at the available coverlets at Spotlight, you will notice that they can be made from different materials. They can also have a variety of designs and colours, which provide you with many options for your child's bedroom.

What Are Flat Sheets?

Flat sheets will be the bed linen that goes directly on the fitted sheet on the bed. They can be used for a variety of reasons - this ranges from decoration to providing some extra warmth in the bed. In most cases, flat sheets are tucked in the bed.

What Is A Duvet Cover?

The duvet cover protects the duvet inside from stains and premature damage. Of course, they can also have decorative purposes, as they come in extraordinary designs, materials, and colours.

When you choose a duvet to go inside of your duvet cover, do not forget that you can obtain them in a variety of weights. The heavier the duvet, the warmer they usually are. So, you must determine your child's temperature preferences before you choose a duvet. In addition to that, some children with autism could benefit from heavier duvets, as they usually have a calming effect.

What Is A Blanket?

The blanket is quite the general term, because they can be any coverings that are thicker and heavier than sheets. Therefore, blankets can envelop duvets, quilts, and even comforters that are placed on the bed.

Like most other bed linen, blankets can be made from various materials and have different designs. For most people, choosing blankets is a matter of preference - this relating to colour as well as the material used to create the blanket.

What Is A Comforter?

Comforters are additional layers that are placed on top of a mattress. They can provide warmth but can also be used for decorative purposes. Therefore, you can find comforters in various designs and even some with decorative stitching. If you would like a touch of personality to your child's bed, then a comforter can certainly deliver that.

Please note that a comforter can be left out if your child's bed has a themed duvet cover. Themed duvet covers can be more difficult to layer. So, unless you have experience with layering themed bedding, it may be easier to leave the comforter out of the equation.

What Is A Quilt?

The quilt is a covering that consists of three layers. There are the two layers on the outside and the batting that is situated between these two layers. The quilt will also have a decorative look, so it can be used for decoration as well as warmth.

Quilts can be bought at Spotlight, but you can also find the materials to make a quilt in our catalogue. If you are quite handy or you want to tackle a new project, be sure to check out the crafting section.

Purchasing Children's Bedding At Spotlight

When you browse the range of bedding at Spotlight, you will notice options for your child's bedroom. Thanks to our overview of bedding items, you will easily find the items you need in a minimal amount of time. So, be sure to benefit from the affordable prices and deals on bedding in our catalogue.



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