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Explore your artistic side and unleash your creativity with our wide selection of watercolour paints at Spotlight. Whether you are a beginner to this fabulous medium or searching for artist quality paints to show off your skills, create beautiful watercolour masterpieces with the paints included here. With both single packs and multi-packs available, as well as watercolour pencils, kits and more, shop watercolour paints online or at of our nationwide Spotlight stores.

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Expert Tips For Watercolour Paintings From Spotlight

Watercolour can be an incredibly fun paint to work with, but it does require some degree of skill. If you are unfamiliar with watercolours and want to test the waters, why not check out the guide to watercolours below.

Which Paintbrushes Are Advised For Watercolour Painting?

As a beginner, it is usually a good idea to have a variety of brushes at your disposal. While it may be tempting to limit yourself in the amount of brushes you purchase first, having a range of different sized brushes ensures you can work on both large and small surfaces. It also allows you to fill larger spaces with watercolour, but also work in a little more detail if you wish to do so.

Most artists will have a collection of brushes that range between sizes 000 and 6. Over time, you will undoubtedly have your own preferences, but even those brushes you do not use a lot will eventually get some use.

Why Should I Buy High-Quality Watercolour Paint?

While you may not think that the quality of your watercolour paint matters when you are a beginner, the opposite is true. In fact, a good quality watercolour will last considerably longer than lower quality paint. Watercolour of higher quality is also less likely to turn yellow, which can influence the beautiful colours on your masterpiece.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Watercolour Paints?

Watercolours have several benefits. Just like oil and acrylics, watercolours are wonderfully versatile. Obviously, they also create their own unique effect. So, let us take a closer look at the effects that can be created with a good watercolour paint.

Can be used wet and dry - When you work with watercolours, you can use your paint both wet and dry. Evidently, this means that you can create a variety of colours and shades with the same tube of paint. By transitioning between dry and wet, you can influence the darkness as well as the saturation of your paints.

Some artists use a combination of wet and dry in their watercolours to get more control over their art. When you start with dry paint and finish with wet paint, you will find that your technique will benefit greatly.

Dark to light becomes easier - Artists who love working from dark to light in their paintings will find that watercolour paint carries their preference. In fact, one of the most used techniques in watercolour paintings is working from light to dark.

Splattering technique - This is a technique that is easily executed with watercolours. To get the splatters on the canvas, you simply hold your paintbrush back in front of the canvas. Then, release the paintbrush quickly to create the splatter effect.

Colour bleeding - Since water paints are so think, they can easily blend with one another on a canvas. In fact, if you are thinking of painting a nice selection of flowers or a landscape, then this type of bleeding can prove beneficial.

To create a bleeding effect on a canvas, you should add some amount of water to the watercolour paint on a brush. Then, apply it to the canvas or the paper. Then, choose another colour and repeat the process. Once applied, the colours will blend beautifully.

Do I Need Any Special Tools When Working With Watercolour Paints?

Working with watercolours is usually quite straightforward, so you do not need anything else than the usual painting supplies. That being said, we do recommend that artist always have some paper towels on hand, these can be used to correct your work if you make a mistake.

Obtain Your Watercolour Paints From Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can easily obtain a nice collection of watercolours. We provide watercolours in all types of formats, this goes from the typical watercolour tubes to the palates. So, we have something for the preference of every artist.

In addition to our watercolour paints, you can find more artist supplies in our catalogue. You can count on oil paints, acrylic paints, pencils, chalk, brushes, easels, prepared canvas and countless other supplies. When you shop at Spotlight, you can count on the sharpest prices for all artist supplies, so be sure to check out the range today.



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