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Looking to decorate your home with some well-place mirrors? If so, you should certainly read our guide below, which tells you more about the different types of available mirrors and their advantages. So, if you are planning to invest in a new mirror, be sure to read the information available below.

What Is a Plane Mirror?

The plane mirror is probably the most common type of mirror you can find in stores today. A plane mirror is characterised by a flat reflective surface, which displays reflection approximately the same size as reflected in it.

Plane mirrors can be made from a variety of materials. Several decades ago, most plane mirrors were made from flat pieces of copper, brass, and precious metals. However, newer versions of plane mirrors will be made with thin pieces of plate glass.

When you choose a plane mirror, always make sure it is made from plate glass - this material protects the surface of your mirror and prevents common problems such as premature scratches.

What Is a Spherical Mirror?

The spherical mirror is a concave or a convex mirror - this means that the glass of the mirror is curved in a specific way. However, there is a difference between the concave mirror and the convex mirror.

A concave mirror is a mirror where the glass bends inwards. You can compare the concave mirror to the inside of a spoon, since the design principle is the same. This design also has a special function, because it enlarges any image reflected in it. Since it enlarges reflections, concave mirrors are mostly used as shaving mirrors.

There is also the convex mirror, which is a mirror where the glass bends outwards. Once again, you can compare the convex mirror with a spoon, more specifically the outside of the spoon. Naturally, this design provides the mirror with the ability to reflect at a wider angle - this causes convex mirrors to provide a reduced reflection that is smaller than the original.

Convex mirrors are barely found in homes, since they are usually reserved for safety mirrors. Therefore, you can often find convex mirrors in parking garages, side mirrors, and more.

What Is a Two-Way Mirror?

You may have seen a typical two-way mirror on television during a crime show, since this type of mirror is often used for interrogation rooms, experimental research, and even observation decks.

The principle of the two-way mirror is quite straightforward. The material is semi-reflective and transparent. One side of the mirror is treated with a thin reflective material, which reflects the light of the room.

Naturally, two-way mirrors are not a common occurrence in homes. However, they could have applications for people who want to add some extra features in their home.

What Is a Silvered Mirror?

Silvered mirrors are almost as common as plane mirrors, because these are the mirrors that have been decorated for the home. To make a silvered mirror, the mirror must be subjected to a silvering process. The silvering process involves putting a thin layer of metallic silver on the glass - this provides the glass with additional reflectivity, since silver reflects on all of light's wavelengths.

Most Australians will use silvered mirrors as a centrepiece in their entryway, hallway, or living room. Silvered mirrors are also commonly used in furniture, but also as a functional mirror in the bathroom.

What Are the Different Mirror Shapes?

Now that we covered the different mirror types, we also need to look closer at the various mirror shapes. Several decades ago, mirrors were almost exclusively available in rectangular shapes. However, this has changed considerably with changes in technology.

When you choose the mirror shape for a room, it is usually a good idea to check the existing furniture in that room. If your furniture is predominantly angular (for example, rectangular or square), then it is best to choose a mirror with a shape that matches this angular furniture. However, if you have loads of streamlined furniture, it is advised to choose a mirror with softer edges - this includes round and oval mirrors.

What Mirrors Can I Find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, customers can find mirrors in all sorts of designs, colours, and shapes - this ensures that our customers can easily find a mirror to match their interior. We have dedicated mirrors for the bathroom, but also mirrors for the living room, hallway, and other rooms in the house you want a mirror for!

Customers will find more than plane mirrors at Spotlight too, since we offer many mirror types we mentioned in this article - this includes plane, silvered, and convex mirrors. To determine which mirror is best for your intended room, be sure to check out the various designer mirrors available at Spotlight!



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