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Make your own beautifully scented candles at home with our candle making kits and candle supplies. Shop soy wax, beads jars and more at Spotlight now!

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Who doesn't love candles? That diverse, multipurpose lump of wax with a wick has given us light for hundreds of years and is now a popular accessory in many homes for that and other benefits.

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in the late 1800's, candles became obsolete as a method of lighting. But they remain as a trusted backup during power failures and as a chosen source of lighting for romantic occasions.

Candles have long held a recognised place in our ritualistic events such as on birthday cakes and at that widespread Christmas activity, Carols By Candlelight. Scented candles are fashionable as an aromatherapy method of fragrance diffusion and as a simple method of introducing pleasant scents to the home.

With so many uses it is no wonder people enjoy the craft of candle making as a means to relax and enjoy the practice of creating something from scratch which is beautiful, brings pleasure to the senses and has practical applications as well.

How do I begin my candle making project?

Candle making is a popular craft. An enjoyable pastime, you can save money by making your own candles or giving them as lovely handmade gifts. You may even discover a lucrative little home business!

Spotlight have all the necessary equipment for making candles yourself, such as neutral soy wax, candlewicks in different sizes, jars, candle holders, dyes, decorations, fragrant essential oils and candlewick holders.

Shop online or visit a Spotlight store to buy all the necessary equipment and your supply of wax and wicks then get started on your new candle making hobby. Experiment with different fragrances, colours, sizes and shapes. Change the atmosphere at home by burning candles with a range of different aromatherapy scents, from invigorating to relaxing. Enjoy the soothing environment outdoor candles can create and add citronella oil to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay.

Create an assortment of red and white candles decorated with glitter and gold and give them away as Christmas gifts - there are so many uses for home-made candles!

If you need some direction to get you started look for candle making classes in your area, or do a simple Google search. Spotlight's helpful, creative staff can provide lots of useful tips and directions too, so don't hesitate to ask at your local Spotlight store.

Is candle making an affordable hobby?

Hobbies are an important part of our lives. They provide a meaningful mental distraction from the demands of daily life, give us an opportunity to learn a new skill and are a means of interacting with others who share the same common interest.

Hobbies can be an outlet for our creative talents and provide us with a sense of satisfaction, pride and achievement. When budgets are tight however, it is important to find a hobby which isn't a drain on the finances.

Spotlight has the lowest prices guaranteed, so when you purchase your candle making supplies from Spotlight and make your own beautiful, scented candles, you can actually save money by using the candles you make instead of buying them. You could also start selling them as a little home business of your own or giving them away as gorgeous home-made gifts.



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