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Discover a great range of plain quilting fabrics to brighten up your projects. Featuring a wide selection of vibrant and fun colours and sizes, our range of plain quilting fabrics are perfect for creating quilts, textile decor, home decor applications, table linen accessories.

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What Are The Best Fabrics For Quilting? Find Out At Spotlight!

Spotlight has a large range of fabrics to take advantage of. Our fabrics can be used for a variety of projects, this includes quilting. Naturally, some fabrics are easier to work with than others. There are also fabrics that are automatically better for quilting too. So, which fabrics should you be looking at when you are quilting? Find out in our overview below!

What Is Quilter's Cotton?

With a name such as quilter's cotton, it is hard to imagine that this fabric would not be on the list. However, crafters should know that you will have problems finding a specific quilter's cotton in stores, as this is a term used to describe medium-weight cotton materials. So, it is not a specific material, it points to medium weight ranged cotton.

If you want to work with proper quilter's cotton, you need to look for a pure cotton fabric, this means it cannot be blended with polyester. Aside from 100% cotton, it must also be of medium weight.

There are benefits and drawbacks choosing this material. Quilter's cotton can be a little stiffer than other cottons, this can make it a little more difficult for beginners. That being said, the material has less shrinkage due to the high quality of the material. It is also less likely to bleed colour, so if colour fastness is important for your quilting process, medium-weight quilter's cotton could be the best choice for you.

What Is Home Dé,cor Weight Cotton?

Home dé,cor weight cotton is one of the heavier cotton fabrics available. While the material can be compared to regular quilter's cotton, home dé,cor weight cotton does have an additional sateen finish. Naturally, this makes the material incredibly popular for quilted pillows and other home dé,cor items.

When working with home dé,cor weight cotton, please remember that you must adjust the batting you use. Home dé,cor weight cotton is considerably heavier than most cotton materials, so your batting must be lighter to counteract the heaviness of the fabric.

What Is Voile?

Voile is described as a sheer fabric. It can be made from a variety of materials, this includes 100% cotton or a cotton blend. To be classified as a voile, the fabric must consist of a cotton-linen or cotton-polyester blend if a blend was used.

Contrary to the other quilting fabrics we have mentioned already, voile fabric is considerably lighter. Despite its lightweight characteristics, this kind of fabric is still used in upholstery projects and even finds applications for mosquito nets. The material is also used for garments such as blouses, skirts, and dressers.

While it is possible to create a quilt out of voile fabric alone, some crafters love to combine this lightweight material with a heavier cotton fabric. You can also use voile fabric for the back of the quilt alone, this can make your quilt appear silkier and provide it with a better finish.

How Do I Select Fabrics For Quilting?

Naturally, there are more fabrics for quilting than the three we mentioned above. So, if you are faced with a large collection of fabrics, how do you go about choosing the right fabrics for your project?

The first thing you will have to do is select the main fabric you are going to work with. The colour and the overall composition of the fabric can heavily influence the other fabrics you will use for your quilting project.

When you select the other fabrics for your quilting project, do not be afraid to experiment with colours. There are some tools available where you can determine the best colours to match your main fabric, this includes the basic colour wheel.

Finally, do not forget to look at fabrics with patterns. As a first project, you may want to include solid colours alone. However, for your second or third project, you can start experimenting with patterned fabrics. The result can look amazing.

Why Should I Choose Quilting Fabrics From Spotlight?

When you choose Spotlight as your quilting fabric supplier, you can count on one of the largest ranges of fabrics in New Zealand. Of course, we also provide you with the best prices on our fabrics, so even if you have a lower budget, you can easily obtain everything you need from our collection.



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