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If gardening is not quite your thing or bunches of flowers set off your allergies, then artificial plants and flowers can be a great way to add a burst of colour and style to your home. At Spotlight, we have a wide variety of colourful and lifelike artificial flowers and plants to choose from, from succulents to hydrangeas, peonies to lavender, and just about everything in between. Add a beautiful bouquet that will never wilt to your home decor and shop artificial flowers and plants at Spotlight today.

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How To Best Use Artificial Flowers & Plants In Your Home?

While most people prefer fresh flowers in their home, they do require an incredible amount of maintenance. In these instances, people often look at artificial flowers to get a more manageable decoration inside their home. Below, we talk about the benefits of artificial plants, but also how you can maximise their look inside your house.

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Plants Over Real Plants?

There are many advantages to artificial plants, but one of the most dominant benefits is that artificial plants are wonderful for allergy sufferers. If you have an allergy to certain plant pollen, then you cannot have regular plants inside your home. Still, you do not have to miss out thanks to artificial foliage.

Artificial plants can also be good for homes with pets. After all, pets tend to chew on real plants, and they can be poisonous without you even realising. They might also be the better option for home with smaller children.

If you want to liven up a darker room where regular plants cannot thrive, then you want to look into artificial plants too. As artificial plants do not need any light, you can liven up those dark corners with them instead.

Of course, some people love plants, but they are rubbish at looking after them. If you have killed a number of real plants in the past, choose some artificial options instead. After all, you do not need to water them, and they do not require light as regular plants do.

Don't Fake Plants Have A Fake Look?

This is a common misconception. There are plenty of artificial plants that look remarkably natural. Most people will only notice the difference once they start to examine the plant in question. Of course, if you want to make your artificial plants look even more realistic, here are some of our top tips.

Clean them regularly - One of the issues with artificial plants is that they can have an accumulation of dust when you do not clean them. A layer of dust on your artificial plants will make them look fake in no time at all. So, maintaining them is key to keep them looking real.

One of the easiest ways to clean artificial plants is with a simple paint brush. Ideally, you want to use a soft-bristle paintbrush. However, never use any chemicals to clean artificial plants, as some artificial options made from silk can get damaged by chemicals.

Use some dirt - While you probably do not want to mess around with dirt for your artificial plants, it is a fact that they make the plant look more realistic. You can also choose smaller artificial flowers and place them in a transparent vase with some water. However, don't forget to change the water every now and again to keep it looking fresh.

Consider bold colours carefully - Choosing artificial plants and flowers in unusual colours is great, but it can make them look less than real. If you do want to use some unusual colours, just make sure they match your existing interior to make it blend a little better.

Put them in your home like real plants - With artificial plants, it is really tempting to put them in locations that you cannot put real plants, for example, on top of a high shelf. Evidently, this immediately shows that the plants you have aren't real. So, it is always best to put artificial plants in locations where you would put real ones.

What Are The Most Popular Artificial Plants?

Even though there is no limit to the types of artificial plants you can purchase and use at Spotlight, certain options are more popular than others among artificial plant lovers.

One of the most popular artificial plants today is the orchid. Artificial orchids come in all shapes and sizes and fit in every interior, this ranges from contemporary and modern homes to more traditional residences.

Another great artificial plant is the hydrangea. These artificial flowers tend to have a "real" look quite easily, so you do not have to make too much effort to make them look genuine. So, be sure to add these to your wishlist.



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