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Which Materials Are Best For Kids' Pillowcases?

Just like the pillowcases for adults, the pillowcases for children do require some consideration. Pillowcases can come in a variety of materials, which all have their set of benefits. So, how do you choose the best option? Let's find out by giving you an overview of common pillowcase materials and their benefits for children.

What Are The Benefits Of Cotton Pillowcases For Children?

When you are looking for a versatile material that is comfortable as well as durable, a cotton pillowcase may be the best option for your little one. Cotton has a soft feel and is a brilliant choice for the summer as it has a natural breathability.

In addition to its positive properties when it is in use, cotton pillowcases are also very easy to maintain. They are not as sensitive to regular washing and drying compared to other materials, so this material is often on the top of the list.

What Are The Benefits Of Polyester Pillowcases For Children?

Since polyester is a manmade material, you will find that pillowcases made of polyester are often the most affordable. They are also easy to wash and dry, so they often mean easy maintenance for parents.

On the flipside, polyester is not as comfortable as cotton or other natural materials. If you child has a sensitive skin, then maybe a natural material might be better. In addition to that, polyester also holds onto heat, so it is not as breathable as other natural materials.

What Are The Benefits Of Silk Pillowcases For Children?

Silk is a material that can require more of an investment, but it does come with numerous advantages in return. The material is known for its superior softness and there are few materials that can rival its comfort.

An additional and interesting benefit of silk is that it has heat regulating properties. During the winter, it will provide some extra warmth. In the summer, it will ensure that your child does not get too warm. In other words, you can use this pillowcase throughout the year.

Please note that silk is a material that can also be used to create flannel pillowcases. Flannel is often used in colder temperatures, but it retains the beneficial properties of its source material. So, when you see flannel pillowcases, they provide the same properties as regular silk.

What Are The Benefits Of Velvet Pillowcases For Children?

If your child's bedroom is particularly cold, or when your child needs a little more warmth during the night, you could consider a pillowcase made of velvet. Velvet is a material that is made of a natural material and a synthetic material, more specifically cotton and polyester, providing a combination of both benefits present in each material.

Because of its natural warmth, velvet is not as suitable for the summer months. It is also not as suitable for bedrooms that are quite warm to begin with, as the velvet will add to the bed temperature.

We must also mention that velvet can be somewhat difficult to maintain. Most people with handwash velvet, but it can be put on a gentle wash cycle. When washed incorrectly, the velvet can because quite rough and uncomfortable, so you might have to invest in a replacement. When you do choose velvet, make sure you follow the instructions on the care label carefully.

On the flipside, velvet is a material that feels incredibly comfortable on the skin. For children's with sensitive skin, it can be beneficial. It also offers parents a more affordable alternative than silk, as it is made from more affordable materials such as cotton and polyester.

Beautiful Pillowcases For Children Available At Spotlight

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