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How To Add Charms To Your Crafted Bracelets?

If you love to make your own bracelets, you will work with charms sooner rather than later. As you can expect, charms can be added in different ways and with different tools. So, for beginners, we have created a comprehensive guide on how to incorporate those charms on your favourite bracelets.

What Tools Do I Need To Add Charms To Bracelets?

Most jewellery crafters will have a selection of pliers for their projects. If you wish to apply charms to your bracelets, you will need some pliers too, this includes a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of chain nose pliers.

The purpose of the pliers is to manipulate the bracelet as well as the jump ring you will use to attach your charms. When you obtain the pliers, always obtain some with a comfortable grip, this ensures you can apply the right kind of pressure with the most precision.

Do I Need Anything Other Than Charms And A Bracelet?

To connect your charms to the bracelet, you will need some jump rings. Jump rings are commonly used to add charms to bracelets and are relatively easy to operate. At Spotlight, you can purchase large bags of jump rings in various materials and sizes, this ensures they will match the design of your bracelet.

Since jump rings come in various sizes, it is important to choose a jump ring that has the smallest diameter possible, this enables you to seamlessly integrate the charms around your bracelet. Of course, the diameter of the jump ring must still be big enough to move around a little.

Should I Use Something Different If I Regularly Change Charms On A Bracelet?

While jump rings provide an excellent finish and a good attachment between charm and bracelet, they can be somewhat annoying if you regularly switch out charms on the same bracelet. If this is the case, you should choose a closure that can easily be opened and closed multiple times, this may include the classic lobster clasp or the split ring.

How Do I Manipulate The Jump Ring Before Charm Application?

Before you connect your charm to the jump ring, you will need to open it. To do this, you will use the two pliers we mentioned earlier. Grab each end of the jump ring with a pair of pliers and push away to open the ring.

Please note you should always twist a jump ring and not pull it to either side. The sideways method can cause the structure of the jump ring to weaken, which could lead to a broken connection and a lost charm.

Once the jump ring is open, you can simply slide the charm over one end of the jump ring. Of course, even sliding the charm over the jump ring can be precision work if the diameter of the jump ring is extremely small. As such, you can use a pair of pliers to slide the charm over.

When the charm is attached to the jump ring, simply hook the bracelet over the open jump ring too. Then, close the jump ring to make the connection strong. Please note, if you add multiple charms on a single bracelet, always make sure the charms are facing in the same direction.

How Do I Apply Charms With A Split Ring?

The split ring is somewhat easier where the application of charms is concerned. For this process, you do not need any special tools. Simply use your fingernails to hold the split ring open and then hook your charm on it. The same can be done with the bracelet. When everything is put on the split ring, simply release your finger to close it all up.

Can I Get Some Beautiful Bracelet Charms From Spotlight?

Spotlight provides a stunning range of bracelet charms. Our bracelet charms are made from various materials and can feature a variety of designs, this enables crafters to make charm bracelets that fit the wearer to a tee. So, whether you are making a bracelet for yourself or for family and friends, you will find all the supplies you need for a very affordable price in the Spotlight catalogue.



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