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Important Tips For Oil Paint Beginners

When you just start out with oil paints, there are lot of things to think about. If you are looking at our oil paints range, you are probably thinking about the creation of your first masterpiece. If this is indeed the first time where you will be working with oil paint, be sure to check out some of our expert tips below.

Are There Certain Things I Cannot Mix With Oil Paint?

Even though you are likely to work with oil paint mediums, there are certain things you should never mix with oil paint. Water is one such a thing, as oil and water do not mix. However, it is still a common mistake made by beginners.

Instead of water, there are plenty of mediums that you can use to alter the characteristics of your paint. A common medium for oil paint is turpentine, but you could also choose something like refined linseed oil. Evidently, each type of medium has its own advantages. To determine which one suits you best, we recommend heading over to our mediums section in the catalogue.

What Is The Best Location To Do Oil Painting?

We always recommend having a dedicated space to do your oil painting, this because ventilation is essential when working with oil paints. Oil paint tends to give off a lot of fumes, so keeping those windows open while working with oil paint is an essential. Evidently, larger spaces are better when it comes down to oil paint, as the fumes will be stronger in a smaller painting studio.

How Should I Layer My Oil Paint For My First Painting?

If you have never painted with oil paint before, you are probably wondering which technique you should use. While there are several techniques to be used in oil painting, one technique is the layering technique.

Artists who decide to layer their oil paint need to consider the drying time of their respective paint. You may have already heard that oil paint can have a considerable drying time. Therefore, it is not recommended to add new paint over another layer too quickly.

To ensure your colours stay pristine, you should always add the fastest drying layer first. As mentioned earlier, you can speed up the drying time of your oil paint by adding a medium such as turpentine or Liquin.

Even though oil paint dries slower, it does provide a clear advantage for beginners. Since the paint takes a long time to dry, it gives you a lot more time to manipulate the paint and try out new techniques and brushes.

What Essentials Can Make It Easier To Work With Oil Paint?

Some supplies can make your oil painting experience a little easier. Below, we have noted down some of those essentials. Of course, we understand that getting all these oil painting supplies can be an investment, so we have listed some of the most economical options.

A palate knife - Many beginners use a paintbrush to mix their oil paints on the palate, but this can cause a lot more clean-up and could wear down your brushes a lot easier. So, a palate knife allows you to mix your paints clean. Once you apply the paint to the brush, the application will be a lot better too.

Choose the right brushes - When you purchase your brushes for oil paints, you must consider that some brushes are less suitable for oil paints than others. If you work with oil paints, it is recommended to choose brushes such as hog or synthetic hairs. Since oil paints often involve working with solvents, your paintbrushes must withstand the damage those solvents can cause.

The right medium - To get the best result for your first painting, always check the various mediums available. Some mediums can be a tinge yellow, which can influence the overall colour of your paint. If you are looking to avoid this, check out some of the better Liquin mediums. If you use the more affordable turpentine, be sure to incorporate the fact that turpentine has a light-yellow colour.

Purchase The Finest Oil Paints From Spotlight

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