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Looking for quality kitchen supplies that can stand the test of time? Be sure to check out the Wiltshire range of kitchen supplies at Spotlight. In this collection of kitchen products, customers can find items such as cake pans, cupcake cases, cooling racks, heavy-duty roasters, and countless other essentials for the kitchen.

Customers who are shopping at Spotlight for their Wiltshire products can take advantage of the best prices in Australia - this is the lowest price guarantee we provide to every customer who chooses our store. So, pick up your Wiltshire products for the kitchen today, and save some money in the process!

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  • Wiltshire Bar B Flexible Gas Match

    Wiltshire Bar B Flexible Gas Match

    Light stoves, candles and barbecues safely with this flexible gas match. The unique bendy nozzle and adjustable flame are suited to a variety of tricky situations, including lighting items that might otherwise be out of reach.

    Reg: $9.99

  • Wiltshire Bar B Wipes 10 Pack

    Wiltshire Bar B Wipes 10 Pack

    These durable wipes are just what you need to restore your barbecue to its former glory. The nodules allow you to scrub and remove left over food and grease without scratching the metal plates and grills. Keep this handy ten pack on hand to ensure that you keep your barbecue in pristine condition.

    Reg: $6.99

  • Wiltshire Gas Flame Lighter

    Wiltshire Gas Flame Lighter

    Get your barbecue started with this easy use lighter. Able to ignite up to 1500 times, this lighter is ideal for gas cooktops, barbecues, heaters, and candles. Also handy to take camping, this lighter features a heat resistant nozzle, safety lock and adjustable flame height.

    Reg: $7.99

  • Wiltshire Essentials Dish Drainer

    Wiltshire Essentials Dish Drainer

    Made from hygienic and durable stainless steel, this dish drainer has been shaped to safely hold plates, bowls and cutlery whilst they're waiting to be dried.

    Reg: $34.99

  • Wiltshire Bakeware Individual Cupcake Case

    Wiltshire Bakeware Individual Cupcake Case

    Keep your lunchtime treat protected with this handy cupcake case. Its strong plastic construction keeps cupcakes and muffins secure and fresh in your bag until it's time to eat!

    Reg: $6.99

  •   Wiltshire Large Party Bake Cupcake Pan

    Wiltshire Large Party Bake Cupcake Pan

    For when regular cupcakes just don't cut it, there is this fantastic Large Cupcake Tin. Cook the top and bottom halves separately, then combine to create the perfect giant cupcake!

    Was: $14.99

    Now: $10.49

  •   Wiltshire Party Bake A Number Cake Pan

    Wiltshire Party Bake A Number Cake Pan

    This innovative cake pan has every shape you need to bake a numbered cake. An embossed guide lets you know which sections to use to create numbers as well as any letter of the alphabet.

    Was: $24.99

    Now: $17.49

  •   Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Cookie Baking Tray

    Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Cookie Baking Tray

    This fantastic Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Cookie Baking Tray is made from a durable enamel, coated in a non-stick and scratch resistant powdered glass for easy serving and cleaning. This hardy cooking tray will withstand plenty of use both indoors and out on the barbecue. It is the perfect choice ...

    Was: $24.99

    Now: $17.49

  •   Wiltshire Cooling Rack

    Wiltshire Cooling Rack

    Bring out the baker in you with this fantastic non-stick cooling rack, ideal for holding both large and small cakes flat as they cool. Easy clean surface and dishwasher safe.

    Was: $19.99

    Now: $13.99

  •   Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Petite Roaster

    Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Petite Roaster

    This sturdy enamel roaster is perfect for whipping up a family roast in a small oven, for barbecuing or camping. The scratch-resistant glass coating makes serving and clean up easy.

    Was: $29.99

    Now: $20.99

  •   Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Family Roaster

    Wiltshire Stellar Heavy Duty Family Roaster

    This large roasting pan is made from a sturdy enamel and coated in highly scratch-resistant glass, making serving and clean up easy. This deep pan is perfect for family roasts, and its lightweight materials make it perfect for camping and barbecuing....

    Was: $34.99

    Now: $24.49

  •   Wiltshire Bend N Bake Loaft Pan

    Wiltshire Bend N Bake Loaft Pan

    Bake like a professional at home with the Wiltshire Bend N Bake Loaf Pan. Featuring exceptional durability, this will enhance your baking experience, ensuring easy food release and cleaning. Accessorise with the complete Wiltshire range online and transform your cooking experience.

    Was: $14.99

    Now: $10.49

  •   Wiltshire Polyethylene Chopping Board

    Wiltshire Polyethylene Chopping Board

    A handy item to keep around the kitchen, this large chopping board is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    Was: $19.99

    Now: $13.99

  • Wiltshire Essentials Metal Skewers

    Wiltshire Essentials Metal Skewers

    Create mouth-watering kebabs whenever you want with these metal skewers. With varying sizes to suit meat, veggie or fruit kebabs, this set is safe for the oven, frypans and barbecues.

    Reg: $3.99

  • Wiltshire Essentials Splatter Screen

    Wiltshire Essentials Splatter Screen

    Forget scrubbing fat splatter off your stovetop. This handy splatter guard keeps everything in the pan as you fry and cleans easily afterwards, keeping your cooker pristine.

    Reg: $9.99

  • Wiltshire Classic Parer Knife

    Wiltshire Classic Parer Knife

    This sturdy knife is an essential tool in any functioning kitchen With a triple-riveted handle and a hollow ground blade, this paring knife is designed to tackle small and delicate cutting and preparing.

    Reg: $11.99

  • Wiltshire Classic Santoku Knife

    Wiltshire Classic Santoku Knife

    Designed for balance and even cutting, Santoku knives are designed for slicing, dicing and mincing. Used as an all-purpose implement, Santoku knives are a convenient alternative to Western-style chefs knives which tend to be bigger and heavier....

    Reg: $16.99

  • Wiltshire Classic Bread Knife

    Wiltshire Classic Bread Knife

    Slice bread and cakes with ease thanks to this classic bread knife. Featuring a serrated blade that cuts through bread products quickly and efficiently, this knife also has a triple riveted handle to ensure a reliable and long-lasting product.

    Reg: $16.99

  • Wiltshire Classic Cooks Knife

    Wiltshire Classic Cooks Knife

    This handy cooks knife is a fantastic all rounder; that one knife that does almost everything you need. Featuring a triple-rivet handle and an eight inch hollow-ground blade, this cooks knife is a kitchen essential.

    Reg: $16.99

  • Wiltshire Refections Utility Knife

    Wiltshire Refections Utility Knife

    It's important, when cooking, to have the right tools for the job. Enter the utility knife; perfect for slicing and preparing medium-sized fruits, meats and vegetables....

    Reg: $14.99

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