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Feel Good About Lunch With Smash Lunch Boxes

Looking for quality lunchware that looks great and is good for the planet? Try a Smash lunch box, snack pot or one of their many Smash water bottles! Smash is passionate about creating everyday products you can use again and again, and at Spotlight we've collected all of our favourite Smash products together for you to choose from, all at fantastic prices.

All Smash lunch products are easy to wash, beautifully designed and ideal for the Australian lunchbox - browse the range and discover Smash today at Spotlight!

Why We Love Smash

Founded in 1999, Smash has always been passionate about designing Aussie lunch boxes for Australian schools and backyards. Headquartered in Melbourne, Smash develops sustainable products that are distributed worldwide and are well known for their ability to keep lunches cool in the scorching heat of the Australian summer - without the need for a dedicated cold box. Smash is dedicated to sustainability and has created many products as a testament to this. The Smash Blue range includes lunch boxes made from recycled water bottles, stainless steel bento boxes and glass drink bottles, while their Nude Food Movers range is designed to allow you to pack a rubbish-free lunch box every day.

Smash FAQs

What is a bento box?

You will see many Smash lunch boxes called 'bento' boxes - there are compartmentalised lunch and snack boxes inspired by the classic bento boxes that originated in Japan. The built-in compartments in the box act as barriers between your foods, meaning you don't have to worry about flavours or liquids leaking between sections and contaminating each other. It also helps reduce the need for disposable wrappings - instead, the box itself keeps your lunch ingredients whole and separate!

The Smash Switch Up lunch boxes contain removable dividers, so you can fit all the food you want into your lunch box without squishing.

What is a sipper bottle?

If you or your loved ones struggle to drink enough water during the day, a sipper bottle may be the answer to your problem! Sipper bottles are tall, leak-proof drink bottles that feature a straw you can lift to use. Many also have measurements along the bottle, allowing you to keep track of how much you've drunk so far. These measurements, combined with the intrinsic fun of drinking from a straw, make staying hydrated so much easier with a sipper bottle!

Help! My Smash gel ice pack has leaked into my food.

A gel ice pack is an easy way to keep your lunches cold, as you don't need to worry about ice melting all over your food. If you notice your gel ice pack has broken (and maybe you've accidentally eaten a bit), don't worry! Gel ice packs are non-toxic and are made of food-safe materials, so you'll be fine if you've only ingested a small amount.

What Else Can I Find For My Kitchen & Dining Needs At Spotlight?

Now that you've got lunch sorted with Smash, why not have a look at some of the other handy lunch and snack box products you can find at Spotlight?

  • Drink bottles - our huge range of colourful drink bottles ensures you can drink on the go, anywhere! From stainless steel thermoses to clear plastic sipper bottles, we've got all the options covered.
  • Lunch boxes - keep your lunch safe and secure in any of our quality lunch boxes. Choose from soft and flexible or hard and durable lunch boxes for your food.
  • Food storage containers - keep your kitchen ingredients fresh and secure in our handy food storage containers.

For more amazing products, browse our kitchen and dining collections online.

Find The Right Smash Product At Spotlight

Enjoy lunches with Smash at Spotlight! You can find our Smash water bottles and lunch boxes online, where you can easily pay and have your order home delivered in no time. Otherwise, visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right Smash lunch box for your needs! Make sure you make the right choices with our kitchen and dining buying guides. And for creative inspiration, browse our online ideas blog!



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