Plus Size Clothing Patterns

Plus Size Clothing Patterns

If you have trouble finding clothes which are flattering and fit your body shape, then the range of plus size designs are perfect for you.

At Spotlight we have both women and mens designs which can be altered to fit each individual. Browse our range today.

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  • Burda 7290 Men's Pants

    Burda 7290 Men's Pants

    Traditional leather trousers, either long or as knee breeches with bib. Both with lacing, ornamental stitching and buttoned braces...

    Reg: $16.95

  • Burda 7320 Women's Dress

    Burda 7320 Women's Dress

    Maternity dress, narrow silhouette. Front gore pleat allows for enough width. Sleeveless variant A: elegant for the evening or city-look with roll collar. B with small sleeves and pleats....

    Reg: $16.95

  • Burda 7326 Women's Drindl Costume

    Burda 7326 Women's Drindl Costume

    Three variants with matching blouses and aprons, with either classic button fastening or lacing. Easy to dress with back zipper....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7333 Robin Hood Costume

    Burda 7333 Robin Hood Costume

    Caps or jacket as a costumer for a knave, shepherd or Robin Hood. Matching rough fabrics such as boiled wool and leather further contribute to an authentic look....

    Reg: $16.95

  • Burda 7202 Women's Dress And Top

    Burda 7202 Women's Dress And Top

    Sleeveless jersey dress with generous waterfall-neck. The bias cut shirt is made of woven fabric, has got the same seam lines, and is held with waistband and tie bands at the hips....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7134 Women's Pant Suit

    Burda 7134 Women's Pant Suit

    Good quality, correct fit and perfect finish are the characteristics of the classic suit. The true professional is manifesting her/himself in the inset flaps, lapel and concealed slits....

    Reg: $22.00

  • Burda 7137 Women's Dress

    Burda 7137 Women's Dress

    Plain, artless basic, fitted waist, allowing leeway for your own creative variants. Either no-frill little black dress or with collar and cuffs made of contrasting shiny fabric....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7163 Women's Dress And Jacket

    Burda 7163 Women's Dress And Jacket

    Dress: smoked, form-fitting insert in the back. The loosely draping blazer completes the look and also matches skirts and pants....

    Reg: $22.00

  • Burda 7165 Women's Maternity Pants

    Burda 7165 Women's Maternity Pants

    Slender maternity pants with shaped, supporting waistband and ribbed insert. Daily companion matching all fancy tops and absolutely essential, whether long or in length....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7045 Men's Shirt

    Burda 7045 Men's Shirt

    Hip shirts, A and B moderately wide cut, C fit to the figure with darts. The collars make all the difference, you can choose between a Windsor collar, a shark collar and a button-down collar....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7054 Women's Dress And Top

    Burda 7054 Women's Dress And Top

    Retro-style garments. Pleated skirt forming a nice contrast to the fitted top. View A with yoke and bateau-neck. B with straps. Top C with peplum and small neck-frill....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7084 Women's Dress

    Burda 7084 Women's Dress

    These smart dirndl dresses do not necessarily require a blouse, nor does variant B need an apron. Buttoned front, charming neck, fancy edging, skirt with tiny pleats: definitely an eye-catcher....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7100 Women's Dress

    Burda 7100 Women's Dress

    Light sundresses, quick and easy to sew - just make your choice. Either floor-length and sleeveless or covering the knee, with small sleeves and charming gathering-up of the front and the back....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7104 Women's Skirt And Top

    Burda 7104 Women's Skirt And Top

    Four individual tops with varying gathering-ups or the plain A-silhouette just make your choice. Matching narrow skirt, raised front, with elastic casing for adjustable width....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7118 Bolero & Stole

    Burda 7118 Bolero & Stole

    Warming addition and perfect complement for sleeveless dresses and strap tops. Make your choice at whim: the bolero with either short or long sleeves, or the buttoned jacket, stole or scarf with floral prints....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 7029 Historical Belle Epoque Dress

    Burda 7029 Historical Belle Epoque Dress

    Floor-length dress in the style of the Belle Epoque, with lace gusset, standing collar and patch lapels. Different materials, added ribbons and the loop closure at the back set special accents....

    Reg: $26.95

  • Burda 7031 Women's Dress And Top

    Burda 7031 Women's Dress And Top

    Unsophisticated seam lines with darts enhancing the waist a little, bateau neck. Shirt with banded edges and charming neck band which forms a tiny rear V-neck. Dress B from lace fabric with half-sleeves....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6980 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6980 Women's Skirt

    Three pant skirts in different lengths, with slightly raised waist. Concealed front of variant B and C with one-sided overskirt. Variant C gets its ample volume from the godets caught in the seams of both sides....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6987 Women's Coat

    Burda 6987 Women's Coat

    Two stylish coat variants, matching both pants and skirts. Cute variant A with standing collar and large pockets. Variant B: reduced duffle-optics with large hood, toggle buttons....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6988 Women's Dress

    Burda 6988 Women's Dress

    Either narrowly cut or with bell-shaped hip-skirt: the appeal of these charming jersey dresses with flat bateau neck lies in their unobtrusive cut. Slightly fitted to the waist by sophisticated, curved darts....

    Reg: $19.95

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