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Choose from a variety of braid, cord and fringe trim to suit every colour and style of sewing project. Visit Spotlight now for low-priced tailoring essentials.

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Can I purchase braid, cord and fringe from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. We have so many different types of braid, cord and fringe available at Spotlight and in such a variety of colours, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for to finish your homemade creation. From a dazzling Rhinestone Band Trim that would look awesome on any dance outfit to a Fringe trim that is ideal for a homemade Wild Western costume, and everything in between. Shop now for our selection of braid, cord and fringes, available now at Spotlight's guaranteed prices.

How do I purchase braid, cord and fringe from Spotlight?

To purchase braid, cord and fringe from Spotlight, shop online and follow the instructions right through to check out. We accept all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and we will deliver right to your door. See here for more information regarding delivery costs and times. You can also buy our selection of braids, cords, and fringes from one of our nationwide stores. Some of our braids, cords and fringes are sold by the metre so that you can order exactly how much you need for your desired project. We endeavour to always cut our orders in one piece, however, due to the size of the rolls provided by manufacturers, this cannot always be guaranteed. Unfortunately, as a result, if you do make an order that is over 5m, it is not likely to be in one continuous piece.

What is included in this range of braid, cord and fringe from Spotlight?

There are so many different products included in this range, with the perfect braid, cord or fringe for all your crafting needs. A braid is a trim that is made from braided fibres, and there are so many different types available. Whether you are looking for a simple, colourful braid to sparkle on the hem of a bridesmaid's gown, or an elegant gold cord to update the upholstery on your favourite leather chair, we are sure to have the trim that will add that perfect finishing touch. Fringe refers to fabrics that have a fringe effect, whereas, a simple and elegant cord might finish a millinery project perfectly.

How can I use these items in my crafts?

That depends on what you are hoping to do, and you can use most of these items to add beautiful decorative trim to your handcrafted project. Whether you are upcycling upholstered furniture, adding an embellishment to clothing, making holiday crafts or anything else. We also have a selection of braids and cords to adding the perfect finishing touch to your quilting or sewing project.

Any tips for choosing the right trim for me?

The trim that you choose depends on personal preference really, but there are some things that you should consider when making your choice. First of all, consider the trim's stability. For example, a delicate fringe may not be suitable for some upholstered furniture, whereas a tougher trim may appear clumsy when used for making garments. To avoid your fabric from puckering after you have applied your trim, you should aim for a trim that is around the same weight as the fabric. The most important thing, however, is that it is the trim for you, and we are sure that we will have the braid, cord or fringe that will complement your handcrafted project perfectly.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

We would like to remind you that, if you are purchasing some of our products online, please remember that the reproduction of colours may differ due to monitor calibration. We try to match our colours and patterns as close to the image shown on your screen as possible, but we cannot always guarantee a 100% match. If you have any further questions or queries about any of our products, please feel free tocontact us, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be more than happy to help.



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