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  • Burda 6930 Women's Evening And Bridal Wear

    Burda 6930 Women's Evening And Bridal Wear

    Striking bustier dresses in different lengths. Shaping darts guarantee a perfect fit. Sewn-in stays and an adhesive strip on the upper edge give a firm hold. The net shirt is styled to be worn underneath....

    Reg: $22.00

  • Burda 6903 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6903 Women's Skirt

    Gored skirts with softly flowing hems for midsummer days, coming into their own with delicate fabrics and floral prints. And also very easy to sew, that is really great....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6905 Women's Skirt

    Burda 6905 Women's Skirt

    Sporty pant skirt with hip yoke pockets. Only when the box pleats spread, you do realize that this is a proper pant skirt....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6910 Women's Dress

    Burda 6910 Women's Dress

    Feminine, gathered and figure-hugging silhouettes. Shirt and dress made of bi-elastic jersey. The flat neck and raglan sleeves emphasize the young style both of the shirt and the dress....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6911 Women's Dress

    Burda 6911 Women's Dress

    Sophisticated, entwined front parts give both the shirt and the dress a special look. The bi-elastic jersey provides shape retention and a perfect fit. The dress has got a flared skirt with nicely draped panels....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6916 Women's Dress

    Burda 6916 Women's Dress

    Geometric shapes and interesting seam lines provide an exciting look. Particularly plain-colour fabrics give them a premium touch but also when made up of striped fabrics, very special effects are created....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6920 Women's Dress

    Burda 6920 Women's Dress

    Plain shapes, charming details: Dropped shoulders and figure-enhancing side section seams. Variant B with one-sided ornamental flounce. Couture variant C with stylish little folds that spread from one side....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6923 Women's Top

    Burda 6923 Women's Top

    A real eye-catcher - striking colours, structured fabrics. Neck and hem edges are neatened with ready-made bias cut facings which are commercially available, so that you can finish it all without any problems....

    Reg: $10.00

  • Burda 6925 Women's Top

    Burda 6925 Women's Top

    Shirts designed to perfectly set off the shoulders, either plain and strapless or with spaghetti straps or with neck band to casually slip over the shoulders. The two boleros will fight the evening chill....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6933 Men's Pants

    Burda 6933 Men's Pants

    Trendy, fitted, slightly hipster men's trousers. Either the business variant A with crease from lightweight wool. Or sporty Chinos, the popular variant B, without crease and from cotton fabrics....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6935 Women's Dress

    Burda 6935 Women's Dress

    Plain but striking cuts: softly draping pieces with openings for head and arms. A is nicely gathered with elastic casings. B is cut from a rectangular piece of fabric. C is reminiscent of a Roman garb....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6938 Women's Pants

    Burda 6938 Women's Pants

    Casual pull-on pants from lightweight summer fabrics, with trendy prints. Ideal companions in midsummer. And combined with a blazer, variant A is even suitable for the office....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6951 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Burda 6951 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Slender pants, authentic jeans optics favourite basics and ideal companions. Rear yoke and shaped waistband ensure a perfect fit. Be daring and experience solid colours, floral prints or graphic designs....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6952 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Burda 6952 Women's Plus Size Pants

    Slender basics to be matched at will and always smart and dressy - perfect fit guaranteed. Variant A with shaped waistband and zipper. Variant B with elasticated waistband for perfect wearing ease and fake zipper....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6953 Women's Petite Pant Suit

    Burda 6953 Women's Petite Pant Suit

    Ladylike peplum jackets to be matched with narrow skirts or slender pants. Retro-style jacket A with collar, sleeves, waist-seam flaps and small belt. B/C with long lapels, in solid colour or with colour-blocking....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6956 Women's Maternity Blouse And Dress

    Burda 6956 Women's Maternity Blouse And Dress

    Maternity wear, comfortable, chic and trendy. Shirt and dresses in varying lengths get the required width from the draped front, the folds are gathered by a small tap. The elastic jersey ensures wearing comfort....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6957 Women's Maternity Blouse

    Burda 6957 Women's Maternity Blouse

    Wrapped dress and shirts in two lengths, light and feminine, with striking diagonal folds. The tie band conceals the seam. You can choose between different sleeve lengths. Shirt B has decorative neck flounces....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6960 Doll Clothing

    Burda 6960 Doll Clothing

    Dolls moms will love these gowns! AB: chic from lace fabrics or sporty with pleated skirt. C/D with striking halter-neck closures. E: slender pants matching shirt D. All pieces are easy to put on and take off....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6961 Drawstring Bag

    Burda 6961 Drawstring Bag

    Cute bags matching your outfit. ABC: big enough for your belongings. D for sports and recreation. E: knotted handle, brightly coloured ethnic prints in the style of the hippie era, with supporting inside pocket....

    Reg: $19.95

  • Burda 6962 Shoulder Bag

    Burda 6962 Shoulder Bag

    Hip and trendy bags, made from solid colour fabrics or patchwork. All with zipper and strong, short handles. Patchwork variant B is simply made from fabric - or leather remnants....

    Reg: $19.95

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