Woven Apparel Fabrics

Woven Apparel Fabrics

Looking for Cord, Calico or Flannelette fabrics to complete your next apparel project?

Spotlight has a fantastic collection of woven fabrics, perfect for creating your next apparel piece.

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  • Floral Printed Sateen

    Floral Printed Sateen

    Explore your creative side and jump straight into your next quilting and sewing projects with the fun and vibrant Floral Printed Sateen. This fabric will add a touch of elegance to your next creation. Shop the complete range of cotton sateen online.

    Reg: $12.00 per metre

  • Mr Fox Printed Flannelette

    Mr Fox Printed Flannelette

    Spruce up your next sewing project with the Mr Fox Printed Flannelette. Made from 100% cotton, the stunning design of this flannelette will add a vibrant pop of colour and texture to any project you have in mind. Accessorise with the extensive range of flannelette online.

    Reg: $12.99 per metre

  • Tigers Printed Flannelette

    Tigers Printed Flannelette

    Spruce up your next sewing project with the Tigers Printed Flannelette. Made from 100% cotton, the stunning design of this flannelette will add a vibrant pop of colour and texture to any project you have in mind. Accessorise with the extensive range of flannelette online.

    Reg: $12.99 per metre

  •   Cherries Printed Rayon

    Cherries Printed Rayon

    Rayons, comfort, delicate and breathable fabric that well suit any of your sew projects. This Cherries Printed Rayon brings extra style and delicate factor, so that your project will be a one-of-a-kind!

    Reg: $16.99

    VIP: $11.89

  • Montreaux Sunflowers Drill Fabric

    Montreaux Sunflowers Drill Fabric

    The Montreaux Printed Sunflowers Drill Fabric is perfect for your next sewing or craft project that requires a touch of creativity.

    Reg: $10.00 per metre

  • Vintage Scenery Caravan Fabric

    Vintage Scenery Caravan Fabric

    Bask and feel the delight with this remarkable Vintage Scenery Caravan Fabric! Comfortable material and pleasing to the eyes, this is absolutely perfect for any of your sew projects. Come and enjoy sewing with us today!

    Reg: $8.00 per metre

  • Bengaline Suiting

    Reg: $10.00 per metre

  • Floral Printed Flannel

    Floral Printed Flannel

    The Floral Printed Flannel is a great addition to your next craft or decorative project that requires a creative touch.

    Reg: $6.00 per metre

  • Oh Betty Printed Canvas

    Oh Betty Printed Canvas

    The Oh Betty Printed Canvas is an easy to care for durable drill that features

    Reg: $8.00 per metre

  • Bright Floral Printed Sateen

    Bright Floral Printed Sateen

    The Bright Floral Printed Sateen features a stunning design is ideal for making fashion tops and apparel. Featuring a soft hand and luxurious finish. Coordinate with the complete range of printed sateen online.

    Reg: $12.00 per metre

  • Cat Squares Printed Flannelette

    Cat Squares Printed Flannelette

    Cat lovers beware, this flannelette is to die for! This excellent Cat Squares Printed Flannelette is made from 100% cotton and 112cm wide, lovable and cute theme that is well suited for most of your projects!

    Reg: $6.00 per metre

  • Smiley World Hamburger Poplin

    Smiley World Hamburger Poplin

    Its a Smiley World! Add a fun touch to your design with the Smiley World Hamburger Poplin.

    Reg: $10.00 per metre

  • Buzoku Raindrop Cotton Duck

    Buzoku Raindrop Cotton Duck

    Simple, elegant and abstract combined with this lovely, 100% cotton Buzoku Raindrop Cotton Duck!

    Reg: $18.99 per metre

  • Bears Flannelette

    Bears Flannelette

    Embed the beary feeling to your sew projects with this remarkably cute Bears Flannelette!

    Reg: $12.99 per metre

  • Penguin Heads Flannelette

    Penguin Heads Flannelette

    Really cute and definitely cuddly! This Penguin Heads Flannelette is simply a lovely and perfect flannelette for any of your projects!

    Reg: $12.99 per metre

  • Menagerie Bears Flannelette

    Menagerie Bears Flannelette

    Lovable and huggable, this cute and cuddly Menagerie Bears Flannelette is surely the flannelette that well suited for any of your sew projects!

    Reg: $12.99 per metre

63 pages
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Can I purchase woven apparel fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Woven fabrics account for a large percentage of all dressmaking and apparel fabrics and we are pleased to be able to offer you a wide choice of these fabrics here at Spotlight. Woven apparel fabrics are available in many weights, fibres, colours and designs, making it easy to find the right fabric for your next sewing project here.

What are the features of woven apparel fabrics?

Woven fabrics are made up of a weft - the yarn going across the width of the fabric - and a warp - the yarn going down the length of the loom. The side of the fabric where the wefts are double-backed to form a non-fraying edge is called the selvedge. There are at least three distinct types of woven fabric, which are:

Plain weave: In plain-weave fabric, the warp and weft are aligned so that they form a simple criss-cross pattern. Plain-weave is strong and hardwearing, so it's used for fashion and furnishing fabrics.

Twill weave: In twill-weave fabric, the crossings of weft and warp are offset to give a diagonal pattern on the fabric surface. This means the fabric is strong, drapes well and is used for jeans, jackets and curtains.

Satin weave: Satin-weave fabrics consist of a complex arrangement of warp and weft threads, which allows longer float threads either across the warp or the weft. The long floats mean the light falling on the yarn doesn't scatter and break up, like on a plain-weave. The reflected light creates a smooth, lustrous (shiny) surface commonly called satin.

What are the advantages of woven apparel fabrics?

Here are some of the main advantages of woven fabrics:

Cost: As in all industries, time and labour have an effect on the cost of items. Woven fabrics are formed on looms and are made to be sturdy. The fabric cannot be stretched and does not shrink. While this does produce high-quality material, it does increase production costs.

Washing: Most woven fabrics are simple to launder and typically will not shrink or wrinkle. The main exceptions to this are linen and silk, which it may be better to dry-clean.

Durability: Woven fabrics by far outlast most other fabrics such as knits, and this is why so many heavy-duty fabrics are weaves. Examples of woven fabrics include denim, linen, corduroy and tweed.

Does Spotlight also sell other types of fabric?

Yes, as well as woven fabrics, Spotlight also stocks a large collection of knitted fabrics. Knitted fabrics are generally more stretchy than woven fabrics and the stretch means they are less prone to wrinkling too. Woven and knitted fabrics cannot usually be interchanged, so if you are unsure as to which fabric you need, check your pattern for information or ask advice from our sales staff.

Of course, there are special fabrics for sale here at Spotlight too, that are neither woven nor knitted, such as bonded fabrics, imitation leather and vinyl, and other specialty fabrics such as lace, nylon tulle and nets.

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