Brocade is one of the most decorative material in existence. Suitable for decorative projects around the house, shop Spotlight's brocade fabrics now!

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Can I purchase brocades at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight has an extensive collection of brocade fabrics, as well as some other similar fabrics with touches of gold that are listed in the same category. Brocade is a richly decorative woven fabric, often made in coloured silks and with or without gold or silver threads. The name comes from the Italian word "broccato" which means "embossed cloth".

What can brocade fabrics be used for?

Brocade is a rich fabric woven with a raised design. It looks at first glance like embroidered material, but the patterns are not stitched on - they are created with extra threads as the fabric is woven on the loom. Brocade fabrics have long been used for traditional robes and elaborate clothing, and today it is still often used for evening wear, as well as for some decorative projects such as elegant upholstery or pillowcases.

What types of brocade fabric are available at Spotlight?

In our range of brocades, you will find several examples of rich oriental brocade in a variety of jewel-like colours as well as some which feature a lighter background. Also included is a beautiful blue patchwork effect brocade. Some related fabrics, such as lumex knits, are also included in the collection. All our brocade fabrics are available by the metre.

What else should I know about brocade fabric?

Brocade fabric can be quite heavy and does not drape as easily as for instance satin or chiffon fabrics. It can fray when you are sewing it and some brocades need to be used carefully because of the sheen on the fabric and the pattern, which means you may need to allow extra for pattern matching and to make sure all pieces run in the same direction. A sharp needle and sharp scissors are advised, especially if your brocade includes gold or silver thread, which can be harder to cut.

How do you take care of brocade fabrics?

Brocade fabrics can be washed but may lose some of their shine in the process. The fabric is also very prone to catching on things, so extreme care is recommended. If in doubt, you may prefer to have your brocade items dry-cleaned.

Does Spotlight also stock other fabrics?

Yes, brocade is just a very small part of the extensive range of fabrics available from Spotlight. Check out the rest of the specialty apparel fabrics range to find other beautiful fabrics suitable for dressmaking, or widen your search to include all dressmaking fabrics. As well as these, Spotlight also stocks a selection of kids fabrics, curtain and blind fabrics, upholstery fabrics and many more specialised and general purpose fabrics, as well as all the tools, equipment, accessories and other essentials you may need for your sewing or craft projects.



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