Linings & Interfacing

Linings & Interfacing

Interfacing is a textile that is used on the unseen or 'wrong side' of fabrics to make an area of a garment more rigid or to add strength.

Whether you're after Shapewell, Parshape, Buckram, Sheerweft, Whisperweft, Armoweft, Fusible Acro, Spotlight has it all.

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  • Pongee Lining

    Pongee Lining

    The Pongee Lining is all round and the perfect addition to your next sewing, quilting or embroidery project that requires a touch of creativity.

    Reg: $4.99 per metre

  • Bemsilk Lining

    Bemsilk Lining

    With the soft finish Bemsilk Lining is ideal for lining all your garments.

    Reg: $4.00 - $9.99 per metre

  • Bemsilk Linings

    Bemsilk Linings

    The Bemsilk Linings will add a creative touch to your next sewing or craft project.

    Reg: $9.99 per metre

  • Pongee Lining

    Pongee Lining

    The Pongee Lining is versatile and the perfect addition to your next sewing, quilting or embroidery project that requires a touch of creativity.

    Reg: $4.99 per metre

  • Shapeform


    Easy and hassle-free interfacing with this simply remarkable Shapeform!

    Reg: $14.95 per metre

  • Easy Trace Interface

    Easy Trace Interface

    High quality Easy Trace Interface. Designed for durability and longevity. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Reg: $2.99 per metre

  • Universal Tailor Interfacing

    Universal Tailor Interfacing

    This Universal Tailor Interfacing is used to add stiffness to fabric. suitable for any sewing project.

    Reg: $11.99 per metre

  • Parlan Fusible Wadding

    Parlan Fusible Wadding

    Easy and hassle-free interfacing with this simply amazing Parlan Fusible Wadding!

    Reg: $14.99 per metre

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Can I purchase linings and interfacing at Spotlight?

Yes, check out our huge range of lining fabrics and interfacing, available by the metre for all your sewing projects, here at Spotlight. With a wide variety of brands, widths and weights, we can offer you the right type of fabric for tailoring and dressmaking, craft projects, repairs, and many more uses. It is all part of our extensive collection of fabrics, yarns, accessories and sewing essentials, so why not check out the whole range today to find all your perfect sewing solutions?

What type of lining fabrics are available in the range?

As well as plain white or black lining fabric, Spotlight also carries a variety of brilliantly coloured linings that deserve to be seen, and are ideal for lining jackets and waistcoats, the inside of bags, the reverse of quilted blankets and many more areas where the lining will be (partly) visible. Choose from polyester and taffeta fabrics in different weights. Also available is a so-called enviro-cloth, which is often used to make shopping bags and similar items. It is available in several colours. An anti-static lining fabric is also featured in the range.

Can I find interfacing here too?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a great range of interfacing of different types. Interfacing is generally used on the wrong side of fabrics or the inside of garments to provide extra strength, stability or weight to items such as lapels, collars and cuffs, waistbands, pockets, necklines and areas where button holes are going to be sewn. It can also be used to help provide shape and structure to craft projects such as quilted blankets and wall-hanging, applique and embroidery. It is available as a sew-in fabric or an iron-on fabric, and is manufactured in a range of weights suitable for all types of fabric from sheer to heavy-duty. Different brands are on offer, so you can find all your favourite products here, including on the roll, by the metre or in pre-cut lengths.

What about linings for interior projects such as curtains?

These types of lining fabric are found in a separate section at Spotlight, as part of the Curtains and Blinds range. These lining fabrics are generally wider and sometimes heavier than the tailoring and dressmaking linings and include plain lining, thermal lining and sun-out or block-out lining, which is available by the metre in various colours and fabrics.