Fleece Water Bottle Covers Project

Level: Easy


1 Water bottle cover:


Step 1 - Lay your hot water bottle on top of the paper and trace around it to create a rough template.

Step 2 - Use the ruler to clean up the template so it is neatly drawn, and all sides are even. Trace over this template again
so you have 2 templates. 1 of these will be the front side and the other you will split into 2 to create the back and open side of
your cover. Use the ruler to find the half way point of the back piece and draw a line horizontally through it. Cut the piece
in half and retrace both shapes out onto some more paper. Add roughly 7cm to each piece at the cut line, this will allow for seam
allowance and for the pieces to overlap each other at the back.

Step 3 - Add a 1cm seam allowance to all the pattern pieces and cut out ready to use. You should end up with 3 pattern pieces
that look something like the below. 1 piece for the front and 2 pieces for the back.

Step 4 - Pin the pattern pieces to your fleece and cut out using fabric scissors. Overlock or zig zag stitch around all pieces.

Step 5 - Fold back the straight seams seam allowance on the both the back pieces, pin and sew to create the finished edge of the back openings.

Step 6 - Place all pieces together with right sides facing in and pin together ensure that the back pieces overlap neatly. Note: leave
the top opening un pinned as you will sew that in a later step.

Step 7 - Sew around the pinned sides with a 1cm seam allowance. Once sewn, use the fabric scissors to snip into the seam
allowance on any of the curved edges to help smooth the seam lines.

Step 8 - Turn the cover right side out. Fold and pin down the seam allowance at the top and sew in place with a 1cm seam allowance.

Step 9 - To finish take the elastic and pin one end in place along the inside neck of the cover, roughly 4-5cm down. Pull the elastic a little whilst sewing with a zig zag stitch to sew the elastic around the circumference of the neck. This will pull the fabric in a little and allow it to hold onto the neck of the water bottle once on.

Step 10 - To finish place water bottle inside cover and enjoy!



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