Traditional Christmas Wall Hanging Project



  • 1.2m Black Prima
  • 80cm Pattern #1 Christmas Quilting fabric
  • 1.2m Pattern #2 Christmas Quilting fabric
  • 30cm Pattern #3 Christmas Quilting fabric
  • Approx. 120x80cm wadding
  • Basting Spray


Step 1 - To create your table runner you will need to cut:

  • Ten Black Prima strips 7x110cm
  • Four Black Prima strips 5x120cm
  • One Pattern1 Square 42x42cm
  • Three Pattern1 strips 7x110cm
  • Four Pattern2 strips 7x110cm
  • Two Pattern2 strips 7x50cm
  • Three Pattern3 strips 7x110cm

Step 2 - To start, sew eight of your strips together - BLK, PTN2, BLK, PTN1, BLK, PTN3, BLK, PTN2.

Step 3 - Cut your combined strips into two widths of 42cm.

Step 4 - Attach the two widths to opposite sides of your large square, making sure that Pattern2 is the inside pattern.

Step 5. Next, sew seven of your strips together BLK, PTN2, BLK, PTN1, BLK, PTN3, BLK.

Step 6 - Add your half strip (PTN2 7x30cm) to the centre against the Black Prima furthest from your PTN2 strips.

Step 7 - Repeat steps 5 & 6. Then sew your strips onto your square at opposite corners, lining up the Black Prima, heading
in opposite directions.

Step 8 - Once your strips are all connected to the centre square, you can trim to shape/size. Trim your backing and wadding to match.

Step 9 - Baste and pin all three layers together before quilting.

Step 10 - To create your border fold your long 5x120cm strips in half, and half again and press to create a bias binding. Fold and pin over the long edges and sew into place, trim away any excess and press edges.

Step 11 - Fold and pin the remaining two strips over the two short edges, folding in at the corners to create a neat finish, trim away the excess and press to finish.



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