Lunar New Year Drawstring Bag Project



  • 1/2 metre of printed fabric (for outer layer)
  • 1/2 metre of fabric (for inner lining)
  • 1/2 metre of Interfacing


Step 1. Press down the interfacing onto the underside of the lining fabric.

Step 2. Sew the shorter edge of the printed rectangular piece to the other long edge of the same piece, (printed sides facing) at 1cm seam allowance, forming a tubular shape.

Step 3. Clip small slits/notches (inwards by 0.5cm) on the bottom edge of the sewn rectangular piece at: the point opposite the seam, and at the 2 mid-points. Clip small slits/

notches (inwards by 0.5cm) strategically at the following positions on the circular piece, based on the clock numbers 12, 3, 6 & 9, or North, South, East, West.

Step 4. Repeat the same for the lining rectangular piece and lining circular base.

Step 5. For the outer layer: Turn printed sides inwards of rectangular piece, and pin the printed base to the printed base (right sides facing) at the 4 notches, and pin more if necessary. Sew the bottom edge of the rectangular piece to the circular base at 1cm seam allowance.

Step 6. Slot sewn piece from step 4 into sewn rectangular lining layer (wrong sides facing). Pin down to circular printed base and sew at 1cm seam allowance.
Step 7. Now pin and sew the lining circular base to printed circular base from sewn piece from step 5 at 1cm seam allowance, however leaving a gap of 5cm (for turning the bag inside out) unsewn.

Step 8. Turn the bag inside out and hand stitch the 5cm gap closed.

Step 9. Fold down the top edge at 1cm, followed by a second fold at 10cm downwards and stitch 2 lines around the folded edge circumference to form the casing of the drawstring (width of the lines depend on width of the drawstring).

Step 10. Run drawstring through the casing using a bodkin or a safety pin and knot the ends.

Step 11. Fold strap lengthwise on both edges with the printed sides facing inwards, 1cm inwards, followed by folding the strap again lengthwise in half. Stitch along the open edge

at 2mm seam allowance to close the strap.

Step 12. Stitch down the strap onto the inside of the bag: At opposite sides, stitch the ends of the strap along the same level where the 2 stitch lines for the casing are (refer to step 8).



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