Christmas Baubles and Hanging Decorations

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Got Your Baubles? Find Out How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree!

Most people wing it when it comes to decorating their Christmas tree. However, if you have not been happy with the look of your Christmas tree, be sure to read the information below, which tells you everything you need to know about Christmas tree decorating. We are sure your Christmas tree will look smashing this year.

What Is the First Thing to Do When I'm Decorating My Christmas Tree?

You might have some amazing baubles from our collection you are excited to hang up, but the first thing to hang on your Christmas tree is the Christmas lights, which you can also obtain from Spotlight.

There are various types of Christmas lights these days. Four common types of Christmas lights include incandescent lights, LED lights, globe lights, and bubble lights. Customers can also choose between basic white lights and multicolour.

When you are hanging the lights on the tree, it is usually best to start at the trunk from the tree. Slowly work your way up to the tree and then work your way back down. Lights should be wrapped around each major branch on the tree. Of course, this does depend on the overall size of your Christmas tree.

What Is the Second Thing to Do When I'm Decorating My Christmas Tree?

While you might be extremely excited for those baubles right now, it is time to do the tinsel next. There are no strict rules when it comes to hanging tinsel around the tree. However, most people prefer to drape the tinsel, so it loosely hangs on the tree for maximum effect.

When you are working with tinsel, it is important to avoid a busy look on your Christmas tree. To avoid an overly busy look, it can help to choose different types of tinsel. Garlands also come in various materials - this goes from foil and beaded to paper. So, it might take some experimenting before you get the look right.

What Is the Third Thing to Do When I'm Decorating My Christmas Tree?

The third thing to do while decorating your Christmas tree is hanging up the baubles. Yes, it is time! As you may have noticed from our collection of baubles, they come in all types of shapes, sizes, and colours these days. Naturally, this gives you a lot more creative freedom where tree decorating is concerned. Everyone has his or her favourite selection of baubles though, so it is usually recommended to start with those. Hang your favourites in the most visible positions before you move onto other baubles in your Christmas collection.

Customers can experiment with different-sized baubles on the Christmas tree. Start with the largest baubles, and then complement them with small- and medium-sized baubles for maximum effect. Once you have the combination right, you can move onto speciality ornaments if preferred.

Speciality ornaments can truly finish the look of a tree. These ornaments deviate quite severely from the traditional Christmas bauble and can have the look of an icicle, cube, and other weird and wonderful shapes. There are also small figurines and even little pieces of chocolate you could hang on the Christmas tree to finish the look.

Can I Get All These Christmas Tree Supplies at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers customers all the Christmas tree supplies you need this year. If you still have to acquire basics such as baubles, tinsel, and lights, you can easily acquire them from our catalogue. Of course, we also provide speciality ornaments, which are certainly an option for customers who already have an expansive collection of ornaments.



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