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Face Paint At Spotlight


Face paint is extremely popular with kids and is an ideal way to liven up a dull afternoon, or to add sparkle to a birthday party or other event. Face painting can be done freestyle or by using kits and templates.

At Spotlight, you can find individual face paints as well as complete kits and sets of paint, glitter paint and face painting markers. As well as face paints, you can also find stencils, brushes, and sponges here to apply the paint in various designs and styles. Body paints and fake blood are also included in the range.


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Can I purchase body paint from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are a beginner to the body painting world or a seasoned pro, then you are sure to find the products for you amongst our fabulous selection of body paints at Spotlight. Our range of professional body paints will help to ensure that your work of art looks flawless every time. With such a wide choice available, plus bargains galore across the entire range, shop body paint online or at your local Spotlight store today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole host of body paints and accessories to create your own stunning work of art on a human canvas. We have body paint available ion a rainbow of different colours and our non-toxic selection are of premium quality. It is easy to use and comes ready prepared, so you can start painting as soon as possible. Our fabulous range of body glitter has been purposely designed to be kind to skin, and it can be used to create some truly magical effects, Sparkle and shimmer wherever you go, and add glitter to your face and body. This could be the perfect option if you are heading to a festival or out on the town for the night.

Do you have any tips for a beginner to body painting?

Be creative, body paint is a fabulous way to express yourself creatively, and the only limit truly is your imagination. One of the most important aspects of body painting is to ensure that the skin that you intend to paint has been appropriately prepped. Also, prepare your work area and make sure that you have all of your brushes, sponges and anything else that you might need to hand. Start small, a full body piece can be a bit of a challenge at first, so begin with hand artwork or just a half body for now.

Always remember that practice makes perfect, and while you might not have the skills right away, keep at it. Take photos of everything that you do, and keep track of your progress as you are learning the craft. Also, pay attention to your finishing touches, hair, hands, and anything else needs to be completed and covered to finish off your look perfectly. If you are not quite sure what to paint, then have a look online for a wealth of inspiration and tons of ideas. Join communities, whether in your local area or online and keep up to date with the latest news in the body painting world.

How do I remove body paint?

Our body paints have been designed to be quick and easy to remove. They are kind to skin, and there are so many different types available. To remove body paints, use baby wipes or makeup wipes or shower and use your usual shower gel. For stubborn make up that is proving difficult, apply a small amount of baby oil, and it should wipe easily away. Alternatively, check out the face and body wipes that we have available at Spotlight, these purposely designed wipes are ideal for quic

Can I purchase Face Paint from Spotlight?

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