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Party with the cheeky yet lovable Minions! Create your very own Minions themed party that kids will simply adore.

Decorate with balloons, tableware accessories, party decorations and toys that will complete your Minions wonderland.

Find everything you need with our Minions party collection that is sure to make any cheeky Minion ecstatic!

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Can I purchase Minions party items at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If your kids or teenagers are Minion-lovers, they will be delighted if their birthday party can have a Minions theme. Here you will find invites, piñatas and small party favours, while Spotlight also sells minions fabrics (great as table cloths) and other decorative items with the colourful Minion images.

What or who are the Minions?

Originally, the term minion referred only to a nameless and faceless servant, who was often employed to do dirty and/or unimportant work. However, when the Disney film “Despicable Me” came out in 2010, the Minions were immortalised as small, yellow, melodious henchmen who wear overalls and goggles and have one or two eyes. They mostly speak incomprehensible gibberish, which is partly derived from other languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Hindi.

Since the release of the Despicable Me films, the popularity of the Minions has been rising and they are now often seen in adverts for all kinds of products and services. Kids and teens love the colourful little critters and they appear on a huge range of items from duvet covers to drinks bottles, as well as the party ware items described above. Many Minions items are available here at Spotlight.

What are Piñatas?

Breaking a piñata is a fun activity at many children's parties. A piñata is a figure that is filled with sweets or other goodies. Traditionally a piñata was a clay pot covered with Papier Mache and painted or decorated with brightly coloured tissue paper, but most modern piñatas are made from cardboard. The traditional shape for a piñata is a star with seven points, but now it's also popular to make piñatas that represent animals or cartoon characters. At parties, a piñata is suspended from a rope, and children, who are often blind-folded and sometimes made to spin around several times before taking their turn, hit it with a stick while an adult pulls on one end of the rope to make the piñata move and make the game more challenging. Children take turns hitting the piñata until it breaks and the sweets falls out onto the ground and then everyone rushes to collect it.

Does Spotlight sell other party items too?

Yes, we have a huge collection of party ware including decorations, table ware and much more in a range of colours and themes. You can choose party items by colour, by age (for kids and special occasion ages for adults) or theme, including many cartoon and film characters that are popular with children. For both kids and adults, you can create themed parties or decorate according to the occasion, such as Halloween. Special decorations for engagements, anniversaries, Weddings and graduations are also available here at Spotlight.

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