Utensils & Gadgets

Utensils & Gadgets

Treat yourself, or delight the keen cook in your life, with some of these wonderful kitchen utensils and gadgets from Spotlight.

Enthusiastic cooks will love the many different colourful utensils, cooking gadgets and specialist grinding mixes on offer, while kids will be delighted with the ice pop makers and talking toast.

Including many indispensable everyday items such as measuring cups and jugs, potato peelers and whisks, as well as helpful gadgets for the BBQ including a brush to baste the meet and skewers in different sizes, you will find many items here to make your food preparation quicker and easier.

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  •   D.Line Silicon Pastry Mat

    D.Line Silicon Pastry Mat

    This silicone pastry mat is fantastically versatile. Its non-stick qualities allow for easy serving, while the guideline measures assist in rolling out dough and pie crust. This mat can be used in the oven as a non-stick substitute for a baking sheet or fatty butter and sprays....

    Was: $34.99

    Now: $24.49

  • D.Line Bamboo Steamer 3 Piece

    D.Line Bamboo Steamer 3 Piece

    Create healthy steamed meals in this traditional bamboo steamer. Wonderful for cooking vegetables, dumplings and more, this bamboo steamer comes with three stacks so you can get everything ready at once.

    Reg: $39.99

  • Metaltex Mesh Tea Ball 4.5 cm

    Metaltex Mesh Tea Ball 4.5 cm

    Simply fill this ball with a spoonful of your favourite loose leaf, close it up, and steep just like a teabag.

    Reg: $6.99 - $9.99

  • Metaltex Spring Mesh Tea Infuser 4 cm

    Metaltex Spring Mesh Tea Infuser 4 cm

    This tool features a mesh infuser on a handle, which may be opened or closed by squeezing the handle. Ideal for loose leaf tea.

    Reg: $6.99 - $9.99

  • Metaltex Tea Bag Squeezer

    Metaltex Tea Bag Squeezer

    Savour tea in style with this versatile stainless steel tea bag squeezer. Simply use the tea bag squeezer as you would a pair of tongs and squeeze out all the flavour from your tea bag before removing.

    Reg: $6.99

  • D.Line Ceramic Pie Weights

    D.Line Ceramic Pie Weights

    Get the perfect pie crust with this set of ceramic pie weights. Use these weights to achieve a crisper, flatter crust for your pies, tarts and quiches.

    Reg: $14.99

  • D.Line Deluxe Can Opener

    D.Line Deluxe Can Opener

    Power your way through opening cans of every shape and size with this durable can opener, featuring sharp cutting blade, ergonomic handles and a sturdy operating wheel.

    Reg: $24.99

  • Egg-perfect Egg Timer

    Egg-perfect Egg Timer

    Enjoy your boiled egg cooked to perfection every day with this clever egg timer. This jolly timer has three separate settings for ultimate versatility.

    Reg: $19.99

  • Wiltshire Essentials Metal Skewers

    Wiltshire Essentials Metal Skewers

    Create mouth-watering kebabs whenever you want with these metal skewers. With varying sizes to suit meat, veggie or fruit kebabs, this set is safe for the oven, frypans and barbecues.

    Reg: $7.99

  • Wiltshire Essentials Splatter Screen

    Wiltshire Essentials Splatter Screen

    Forget scrubbing fat splatter off your stovetop. This handy splatter guard keeps everything in the pan as you fry and cleans easily afterwards, keeping your cooker pristine.

    Reg: $8.99

  • D.Line 18 Piece Icing Set

    D.Line 18 Piece Icing Set

    This sensational icing set includes two icing bags, twelve nozzles and decorating tips and instructions. This comprehensive set will let you create spectacular and beautiful cake patterns and designs.

    Reg: $44.99

  • D.Line Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

    D.Line Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

    This fantastic magnet will change the way you barbecue. This gas level indicator simply sticks to your barbecue gas barrel and lets you know when it is time to get a refill so you won't get caught short next time you are entertaining.

    Reg: $12.99

  • D.Line Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

    D.Line Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

    Perfect for sifting air into your flour for the lightest of cakes, or adding a dusting of icing sugar, this stainless steel sifter with spring-loaded control makes baking a breeze.

    Reg: $29.99

  • D.Line 4 Sided Deluxe Grater

    D.Line 4 Sided Deluxe Grater

    Fine or coarse grating, or even grating nutmeg, this sturdy grater can do it all. Made from durable stainless steel, this grater has a handle for greater stability during use.

    Reg: $29.99

  • D.Line Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

    D.Line Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

    Make deliciously smooth mashed potato every time with this stainless steel potato ricer, featuring separate discs for fine, medium and coarse settings. Also creates gnocchi and spaetzle.

    Reg: $49.99

  • D.Line Self Cleaning Garlic Press

    D.Line Self Cleaning Garlic Press

    Don't spend hours cleaning your garlic press. This clever press is not only self-cleaning, but has rubberised easy-grip handles for comfortable secure use.

    Reg: $39.99

  • D.Line Chrome Garlic Press

    D.Line Chrome Garlic Press

    Achieve crushed cloves of fresh garlic quickly and easily with this chrome garlic press, with specially shaped handles for comfortable use.

    Reg: $14.99

  • D.Line Mini Tongs

    D.Line Mini Tongs

    Get your grip firm and easy with less effort using these magnificent D.Line Mini Tongs! Easy to use and clean, enhance your kitchen experience today with us at Spotlight, your friendly neighbourhood store.

    Reg: $4.99

  • D.Line Magnetic Spice Can

    D.Line Magnetic Spice Can

    This sensational magnetic spice can ensures that your spices remain secure and upright. The magnetic base helps to prevent spilling, while the clear lid lets you easily identify the contents.

    Reg: $7.99

  • D.Line Cheesecloth

    D.Line Cheesecloth

    A simple item with plenty of uses, the cheesecloth is a baking must-have. Made from 100% cotton fibres, this cloth is perfect for cooking, polishing and cleaning.

    Reg: $9.99

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