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Discover a new hobby for your kids from the wood crafting range including wooden peg dolls and more! Visit the complete collection online at Spotlight.

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Discover a New Hobby for Kids with the Wood Craft Supplies from Spotlight!

There are many crafts suitable for kids, some of which you might have not even considered yet. If your kids are prone to get a little bored, we have a great new hobby to disclose to you: wood crafting! Even though wood crafting is usually considered as an adult hobby, kids can partake in this fun activity too. Check out some of our recommended products from the wood crafting range below and start your child of with this wonderful new hobby.

What Is the First Recommended Product from the Wood Crafting for Kids Range?

Our first recommendation could be used for a variety of wood crafting projects, more specifically the Arbee Pop Sticks. Arbee Pop Sticks can be used to create some creative wooden masterpieces. They can also be painted and glued. Therefore, if you want to start your child of in wood crafting, this selection of Arbee Pop Sticks is necessary for their collection.

One of the crafting projects where you can use these pop sticks is creating a miniature ship or even a miniature house. The only limit with these sticks is creativity, so if your child has loads of creativity, he or she is bound to do something original with these sticks.

Projects that involve painting the sticks may require the appropriate painting supplies. Fortunately, you can also get these painting supplies from Spotlight, simply check out our section with children's paint supplies. Please note that Spotlight provides a range of Arbee pop sticks. If a pack of 150 is not enough for the crafting project in question, be sure to look for the bigger packs of Arbee Pop Sticks in our catalogue.

What Is the Second Recommended Product for the Wood Crafting for Kids Range?

In addition to the Arbee Pop Sticks, you can also choose the Arbee Match Sticks for a crafting project. The Arbee Match Sticks come in a multi-colour pack, so these Match Sticks do not necessarily have to be painted. That being said, the Arbee Match Stick can still be painted if required.

The Arbee Match Sticks are most suitable for wood crafting projects where a little more detail is required. These sticks are smaller than the pop sticks mentioned earlier. Therefore, we recommend a combination of Pop Sticks and Match Sticks for more elaborate wooden creations.

What Is the Third Recommended Product for the Wood Crafting for Kids Range?

Some crafting projects required a more specialised type of wood - this is certainly the case for model building. If you need a wood that is quite sturdy yet provides that natural look, be sure to consider the Eco Balsa Sheet from Spotlight.

The Eco Balsa Sheet from Spotlight is a lightweight wooden material, yet it's sturdiness is much higher than other types of wood. The Eco Balsa Sheet is made from genuine balsa wood, which has been grown at a plantation. Therefore, the Eco Balsa Sheet is eco-friendly too.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Product for the Wood Crafting for Kids Range?

As mentioned briefly earlier, some crafts require specialised wood. Specialised wood could pertain to the wood type, but also the shape the wood comes in. We already mentioned pop sticks and match sticks, but you should also consider the Arbee Wood Craft Cubes.

Arbee Wood Craft Cubes are bigger than match sticks and pop sticks, making them more suitable for wood crafting projects for younger children. They can be used for crafting projects in schools, which may involve painting or gluing the cubes.

At Spotlight, customers can find numerous wood cubes in all shapes and sizes. We have larger bags with wood cubes, but also bags with smaller and bigger cubes. So, teachers or child carers looking to organise a fun wood crafting project in school or day care can find many suitable options here. Much like the match sticks we mentioned earlier, Spotlight also provides a range of pre-coloured cubes. If you want to eliminate painting from the wood crafting project, then these coloured cubes might provide a suitable alternative.

Arbee is one of the many brands of wood we provide in our catalogue. Be sure to check out some of the other brands available in our catalogue, which may suit your crafting project better.

Where Can I Find More Wood Craft Supplies at Spotlight?

Spotlight has an entire range of wood crafting supplies - this ranges from the wood cubes to the paints and the glues. So, not matter which project you have in mind for the kids, be sure to check out the many crafting supplies in our catalogue.

Do you have a question about the wood crafting supplies in our catalogue? Or are you looking for something specific that you cannot find immediately? Do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team!



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