Kids Moulding Supplies

Encourage your kids to get creative from an early age with some of the wonderful moulding supplies available here at Spotlight. From soft dough to Plasticine, modelling clay to futuristic kinetic sand, you will find a range of things here suitable for different age groups, which will provide hours of fun. As well as the moulding products, there are also tools, shapes, numbers and letters to help them create many different projects, as well as clay kits that will provide hours of fun helping them to make jewellery or robots.

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Can I buy Kid's Moulding Supplies from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Encourage arts and crafts from an early age with our fabulous range of moulding supplies suitable for children. They will love being able to flex their creativity whilst developing those all-important skills. It could be the perfect way to keep them entertained during the school holidays as kids will love engaging with these awesome materials. If you are looking for tons of different modelling materials in a rainbow of colours, then shop online or instore today for all the best quality craft supplies at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

What is included in this range?

This range includes lots of different types of modelling clays that are suitable for children. There are so many different modelling materials available as well as all the tools that you could desire to shape it. Plasticine is the perfect modelling equipment. It is so easy to make simple crafts with your child that will help to develop their motor skills amongst many others. Check out the Bake and Bend sets if you are looking to create structures that will be more permanent and will stay rubbery and flexible. Whereas, our selection of clays is a great way to encourage the mini-potter to create some fabulous events. If you are looking for a modelling clay, then Play-Doh can be a great way of inspiring your pre-schooler to express their creativity. The soft, malleable properties of the dough are fabulous for developing fine motor skills and promoting maths skills or learning colours. Whether you are looking for rainy day activities or summer craft ideas, then these fabulous modelling supplies could be the perfect entertainment.

What crafts can me and my children do with moulding supplies?

There is so much that you can do with these fabulous supplies, the only limit truly is your imagination! Make beautiful flowers as a cute gift for your parents, grandparents or friends or animals that can be played with when they are done. If you are hoping to make a slightly bigger craft and really engage an older child in a project, then Plasticine can also be used to make animations. Children will need to create characters, write a script and design their settings before using technology to add their voiceovers and make their animations. This is a fun project that develops language skills, creativity, and more and would be a cute way to send a message to a friend. Plasticine and Play-Doh can also be a great way of teaching children their colours. Mixing together primary colours will help them to see what colours make what and you can further reinforce learning by asking them to talk about the process. If you are using Plasticine for your project, it can be used over and over again for lots of different projects and mixed to create the colours that you need. For modelling clays that will stay softer for longer, shop our fabulous range of kid's modelling supplies today

Is there anything else I need to remember?

These products are not suitable for children under the age of three years old and you should always ensure adult supervision for those that are slightly older as they may pose a choking hazard. Always ensure that you remove plastic coverings before you give the item to children. If you have Play-Doh or any other soft modelling material on your carpet, upholstery or fabric, it is important to remember not to use any hot water or cleaning solutions as this can make it worse. Wait for the modelling material to dry before loosening it with a stiff brush. If it is necessary, you can then vacuum to pieces when they have all come loose. If there is a mark remaining, wash with gentle soap and cold water only.



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