How to make a number cake

How to make a number cake

How to make a number cake

Or should we say how '2' make a number cake?

In this simple step-by-step video, you'll be taken through the basics for creating kids birthday cakes using their age as the theme. We start with a number '2' cake but you'll see how it's easy to create different numbers for different ages with a clever combination of different shaped cake tins.

Just make sure you have a few essentials at hand: assorted sprinkles, butter cream, cake board, cookie scoop, spatula, knife and lollies.

Tip #1 - It doesn't matter what type of cake you choose for your number cake. A basic chocolate cake or a classic Victoria sponge are always winners - or maybe even the favourite cake of the birthday boy or girl?

Tip #2 - Don't be afraid to keep it simple with your cake decorating ideas. Choose a selection of lollies that will be a hit with birthday party guests, and your cake is sure to be a smash.

Tip #3 - Match the colour of the lollies to the sprinkles underneath and section them out across the cake. This is a simple cake decoration trick that will make your number cake more eye-catching than mixing the colours like hundreds & thousands.

Tip #4 - If you want to take your cake to the next level, you can use coloured fondants and fondant cutters in a variety of shapes to add extra details to your number cake.

The best thing about a number cake is blowing out the candles - and then eating a slice or two! Delicious! Now you know how to make a number cake for your kid's birthday, and to make it count.

Ready to give this a try? View our number cake project sheet for the step by step guide.




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