Create a Christmas in July dinner party table setting

Create a Christmas in July dinner party table setting

Everyone loves a dinner party, and why not spruce your next one up with some Christmas decorations? Celebrating Christmas in July gives you the opportunity to experience all the festivities of a cold Christmas that, in Australia, we don't normally get to enjoy. Mulled wine, a crackling fire and cosy jumpers don't normally feature during an Australian summer Christmas, but with proper planning and a festive spirit, a Christmas in July celebration is the best way to chase away your winter blues!

What is the importance of table decoration?

A Christmas in July celebration deserves a table setting just as ornate as a traditional Christmas one, so to create the perfect Christmas in July dinner party you'll need all sorts of table Christmas decorations and napery. A beautifully-designed table setting will set the tone for your celebration and make your guests feel special, with the added benefit of making any food look amazing - so there's no excuse not to get decorating!

How to create a Christmas in July table setting

While a summer Aussie Christmas often features prawns, koala baubles and Santa in sunglasses, your Christmas in July tablescape needs more traditional Christmas decorations to fit the winter theme. Here are some stylish decorating ideas you can use to create your own Christmas in July table setting.

Festive napery

Start with your dining linen, as this is the base for your whole tablescape. Because you will be adding quite a bit of décor to your table, stick with a plain tablecloth and quality napkins. Detailed patterns and designs will clash with your decorations and make your table setting look messy. A soft white tablecloth and napkins are always a smart choice, as traditional Christmas colours like red and green really pop against them. If you choose to have protective placemats underneath your plates, make sure they are a different colour to your tablecloth - a deep navy blue or soft gold will look great, while also complimenting any red and green table décor you use.

Merry Cutlery

Merry cutlery

Put away your weekly dining ware - it's time to get the good stuff out! Ornate cutlery is perfect for Christmas in July, whether it be cutlery with intricate handles or silverware polished to a shine. We love the look of gold cutlery at Christmastime, as it will add some warmth to the table and will fit right in the other traditional Christmas colours.

Stylish plates

When looking for special plates to use at your dinner party, you'll want them to pop against your tablecloth or placemat. So if you have a navy placemat, creamy white plates will look lovely. If you are eating on a white surface, try gold or deep green/grey plates for a great colour combination that won't distract you from your food. For a formal setting, make sure to have your plates layered as well. An entree bowl/plate above a large main plate will create depth in your table setting and also ensures your guests won't be mixing the remains of their entree into their main course.

Twinkling glasses

Serve your delicious Christmas drinks in glassware that is equally festive! Leave the plain glasses in the cupboard and bring out crystal-clear glassware with beautifully cut designs for your water, juices and spirits. Plain wine glasses with a gold or silver trim are perfect for serving your white and red, while rounded, stylish mugs are great for any hot drinks you want to serve. If you want to have water on the table, a silver pouring jug is always a good choice.

Table Christmas decorations

You have everything you need at your table for your guests to dine comfortably - now it's time to wow them with your table decoration skills.

If there's room on the table, a Christmas wreath makes for an impressive centrepiece. If you have the option, you can also hang a wreath so it rests horizontally above the table as well.

Scented candles are lovely to have on the table (especially if they are Christmas-themed), although if there's any danger of them tipping over or touching other décor, it may be best to have them somewhere safe nearby instead.

Decorative ribbon is great for lining your table with or tying into bows, which you hang on the backs of chairs. You can also use ribbon for tying napkins into rolls, wrapping around candle bases and, of course, for tying off presents!

Jolly bonbons

A Christmas dinner party isn't complete without bonbons. Also known as Christmas crackers, these fun poppers come in all sorts of designs - you can even make your own! Choose which ones will compliment your table setting and have them set beside your plates so everyone has one to pull with their neighbour.

Jubilant plants

A little greenery at your Christmas in July tablescape can go a long way! Either real or faux versions of Christmas plants like poinsettias, mistletoe berries, pinecones and pine sprays will all bring that winter magic vibe to your setting. You can also add a garland or two to the table decorations, either running down the middle or hanging upon the chairs. Smaller herbs and spices can also look lovely scattered down the table - think star anise, rosemary sprigs and a cinnamon curl or two.

Sweet Snacks

Sweet snacks

While your main course is important, a few Christmassy snacks will go a long way for your guests. You can have them collected on a dessert board or even have them scattered on the table itself - edible decorations will be a delightful surprise for hungry guests. Think gingerbread made into stars with cookie cutters, festive chocolate shapes and small iced cupcakes in Yule colours.

For more Christmas-themed sweets, check out our cake and confectionary project page!

Get decorating for Christmas with Spotlight

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Feeling creative? If you want to show off some homemade Christmas decor, check out our Christmas project page for all the inspiration and instructions you'll need.




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