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The Best Fabrics for Your Bean Bag Covers! Discover Their Benefits Today!

Bean bag covers can be made from a variety of fabrics and materials. While this obviously provides customers with loads of benefits, it certainly requires some research to determine which bean bag cover material is most suitable for you. So, if you want to make sure you choose the best cover, make sure to check out our fabric guide for bean covers below.

Why Should I Choose Polyester Bean Bag Covers?

Customers who intend on creating a bean bag for the great outdoors should certainly choose a bean bag cover made from 100% polyester. Even though polyester covers can be used indoors too, the waterproof and hardwearing qualities of polyester makes the material an exquisite choice.

Polyester bean bag covers are available in a variety of designs and colours, so you will have loads of choices for your outdoor bean bag. The polyester cover comes with another benefit too, because the water-resistance of the material ensures that spills are cleaned up easily.

Why Should I Choose Cotton Bean Bag Covers?

Cotton bean bag covers are usually recommended for bean bags that will be used in the bedroom, mainly because the material is so soft and comfortable. While cotton bean bag covers are commonly used for children's bedrooms, they have some applications for adults too.

Opposed to polyester bean bag covers, cotton covers are not resistant to water. However, they can be washed in the washing machine regularly, ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness for your indoor bean bag.

Why Should I Choose Faux Leather Bean Bag Covers?

Faux leather bean bag covers could be an option if you want your bean bags to look a little more sophisticated, or to make them fit in a more traditional interior. There are different colours available for faux leather bean bag covers, but they are not as widespread as covers made from other manmade fibres such as polyester. Of course, since faux leather is meant to resemble natural leather, it is obvious that the colours must match those of natural leather too.

Common colours available for faux leather bean bag covers include black, brown, blue, red, baby pink, baby blue, grey, and white. Faux leather bean bag covers can be used in a child's bedroom, but they are a popular choice among Australian men too.

Why Should I Choose Faux Suede Bean Bag Covers?

Faux suede is another material that could be used for bean bag covers. Opposed to the faux leather cover, the faux suede cover provides a lot more softness. The material itself also looks luxurious, which makes faux suede bean bag covers a perfect choice for living room bean bags.

Contrary to faux leather bean bag covers, faux suede covers are available in a wider range of colours. Common colours you can expect for faux suede bean bag covers include chocolate, fudge, teal, lime green, and purple, but other unique colours are available for this type of bean bag cover.

What Bean Bag Covers Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

At Spotlight, customers can obtain various bean bag covers for both indoor and outdoor use. Our bean bag covers come in various materials as well, so customers can find bean bag covers to match every room of the house.

Spotlight also provides customers with bean bag filling, which means it is possible to create your own custom bean bag with our supplies. So, if you cannot find a bean bag that matches your criteria perfectly, be sure to take full advantage of the bean bag materials available in our extensive collection.



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