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Curtain Accessories And Fixtures Explained

Hanging up your curtains is pretty straightforward, until you look at all the available accessories and fixtures and you want to do something different with your curtains. When this happens, the available range of accessories and fixtures may feel a little overwhelming. To help you figure out the right choices for you, we have lined up some of the common accessories and fixtures for you below.

What Is A Curtain Track Glider?

Curtain track gliders are probably some of the most common accessories for your curtains. They are usually made of plastic and fit in your curtain track. Their construction allows them to be moved up and down the rail, giving you the perfect system to open and close your curtains.

When you look at our range of curtain track gliders, you will notice that there are many options these days. From round to square designs, each of these gliders has something unique to offer. Of course, to ensure you have the right one, you must ask yourself if your curtains need additional support, this can prevent the curtain from sagging between your gliders.

Are you unsure about the type of glider that would be best for your curtains? Since curtain gliders are relatively inexpensive, you can always buy a selection of them. By doing so, you can test each one and see which glider provides the best effect.

What Is A Track Bracket?

A curtain track bracket is an accessory that will keep your curtain track in place. So, it is the connection between your curtain rail and the wall.

Since there are many different types of curtain rails, coming in a variety of weights and sizes, you will encounter track brackets in different sizes and shapes as well. To determine which one is most functional for your needs, always refer to the weight and the width of your curtain rail.

What Is A Curtain Hook?

Curtain hooks are the small hooks you will attach to your curtain track glider. Then, the hooks are connected to the curtains, this means they form the connection between your gliders and the actual curtain.

There are a lot of different curtain hooks available these days. The most common ones are made from plastic, as they are both durable and inconspicuous in the design of your curtains. However, industrial materials are becoming more popular for your curtains too, as there are some options in metal too.

How Do I Choose The Right Accessories And Fixtures For My Curtains?

Customers have to take a lot of things into consideration when selecting their accessories and fixtures. The measurements of your curtain track will play a large role, but so will the weight of your curtains. So, these are the first two things you must examine before you finetune your choice.

When it comes to finetuning your decision, you must look at curtain accessory and fixture materials. Nowadays, you can get them in materials such as plastic, wood, and metal, with each material having advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic is one of the most popular materials for curtains, but it can be less durable than wood and metal. Of course, plastic is less obvious than some of the other materials. So, if you want your curtains to blend with an interior, plastic is often the first place to look.

When you choose wood, please remember that this material requires maintenance over time. Wood can warp, so you must be willing to execute some maintenance on your wooden fixtures and accessories from time to time.

Metal is the most durable choice in the range, but it does have a disadvantage too. When you choose metal, the accessories and fixtures on the curtain rail are far less obvious, this means they could cause problems with your interior. That being said, if you have an industrial style inside the home, metal could be a good option.

Which Curtain Fixtures And Accessories Can I Get At Spotlight?

Spotlight offers customers with a large collection of fixtures and accessories in a variety of materials, this ensures you can find a material to match your interior and your requirements. Of course, we also provide the best prices, so be sure to check out our catalogue today and benefit from amazing discounts.



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