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Make Your Curtains Shine with These Curtain Accessories from Spotlight!

At Spotlight, customers can find countless curtain accessories that could make their curtains more functional and more beautiful. If you want to get more familiar with our range of curtain accessories, be sure to read the information provided below. Here, you can find more info about our finest curtain accessories, and the reasons why you should obtain them!

What Are Curtain Rings?

Curtain rings are small clips, designed to keep curtains in their place. They also allow you to slide your curtain on its rail, so you can easily open and close your curtains when you want to adjust the light in your home.

Customers can find curtain rings in a variety of materials these days - this enables customers to find curtain rings to match their interior. Available curtain ring materials include wood, plastic, metal, and more. Of course, you could also select your curtain rings by colour to make them match your interior.

What Are Eyelet Curtain Rings?

The eyelet curtain ring is a specific type of curtain ring, which is made to fit eyelet curtains. Eyelet curtains, also known under the name ring top curtains, are contemporary curtains used on a curtain pole. They come in a variety of designs and styles, making them suitable for every room in the house.

What Are Conduit Spring Fits?

Conduit spring fits are used to fasten your curtains to frames, but without having to drill holes. The accessory contains a clever spring, which can hold the rod into place. Therefore, conduit spring fits are a popular choice amongst Australians who rent their home, and might not be allowed to drill holes in the wall for curtain fittings.

What Are Plastic Hooks?

Plastic curtain hooks are probably the most common types of curtain fasteners. These hooks are used to hold the curtain onto the rail, but is considered less modern than curtain rings. Still, curtain hooks have been used for many decades and they are the ideal choice for your white see-through curtains - this since plastic curtain hooks are gentler on delicate and thinner materials.

What Are Pinch Pleat Hooks?

Like curtain rings, plastic hooks, and eyelet curtain rings, pinch pleat hooks are hooks used to hold your curtain in its place. Of course, they are meant for specific types of curtains, more specifically pencil pleat curtains.

Pinch pleat hooks are available in different colours and materials too, just like curtain rings. So, if you want to make sure the pinch pleat hooks match your interior and your curtains, you only have to look for the colour or material that matches your interior and curtains best.

What Are Gather Hooks?

Gather hooks are another common type of hooks used to hang your curtains. However, gather hooks have an additional function, because they are designed to make your curtains fall and drape gracefully. So, if you do not like how your curtain falls in your living room or your bedroom, gather hooks may provide you with the perfect solution to this problem.

What Are Screw Hooks?

Screw hooks are commonly used for curtain installations, but they have other applications too. Before you can use a screw hook, you must drill a hole. Therefore, these screw hooks are commonly used to fasten curtain rails and poles.

What Are Café - Clips?

Café - clips are traditional types of curtain hooks. They can be attached to a pole or valance rod, and have a simple non-slip grip that keeps a good hold of your curtains. They also have a sturdy connection to the pole or rod, making it less likely for these café - clips to come out when you slide the curtain.

Most customers use café - clips for some of the smaller curtains in their home - this includes kitchen curtains. Of course, these clips are also suitable for thin curtains in the living room or bedroom. However, they are less suitable for heavier curtains, since café - clips can only carry a minimum amount of weight.

Where Can I Find More Curtain Hooks and Clips at Spotlight?

Spotlight has an entire collection of curtain hooks and clips that could look beautiful in your home. Our range includes hooks and clips in a variety of designs and materials too - this ensures that all our clips and rings will match your interior. To see more of these wonderful hooks and clips, simply head over to the curtain accessories range of Spotlight.

Are you looking for a specific type of curtain hooks or clips, but having problems finding them online? Do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team for some additional information. Our team is familiar with the entire range, so we can undoubtedly provide you with the right hooks and clips for your needs.



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