Window Screens

If you would like to let fresh air into your home, without having to worry about mosquitos or other insects, take a look at the window screens here at Spotlight. Easy to install and maintain, window screens are an ideal way to protect your home from annoying insects. Also suitable for doors, the screens have a magnetic self-closing mechanism that allows you to pass through easily when needed. Ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and many other areas of your home, the window screens from Spotlight are available in different colours to suit your decor.

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Can I buy window screens at Spotlight?

Currently, we only stock a door screen for use with most standard household doors, ideal for keeping out mosquitos and other insects from your home, while still letting fresh air in. Use the screens for kitchen or patio doors, study doors or bedroom doors, wherever you need them.

How do window screens work?

These clever screens have small magnetic plates sewn into their hems that keep the screens from blowing open when not in use. As you need to walk through the door opening, they allow the screen to be opened easily and automatically shut again afterwards, which means that you can even go through with your hands full, and the screen will simply shut again once you are through, with the little magnets stopping it from blowing open and letting any critters in.

Can I install a window screen myself?

Yes, it is really simple to fix the mozzie screen around the sides of your door frame with the enclosed thumb tacks and/or double sided tape. Once installed, you will benefit from being able to let the fresh air in, while keeping unwanted flying critters at bay.

What are window screens made of?

Window screens are made of very fine polyester netting, which means they are hard-wearing and require no maintenance. Any spills or stains can simply be washed off with detergent and water. Lightly shaded, they are easy to spot when you are going inside or out, even in bright sunshine.

What other anti-mosquito products do you stock at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight, we stock a number of different mosquito nets by the metre. That will enable you to make your own window screens, patio screens and more. You might also be interested in our delicate mosquito bed nets, available from the bedroom sections, which can be fastened above your bed and tucked in around the mattress to ensure you get a good nights rest without unwanted bites.



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