Hand Drawn Tracks

When selecting curtain tracks, you will find various options available at Spotlight, to suit your curtain style, curtain weight as well as window size. Opening and closing your curtains is simple with our hand-drawn curtain tracks, avoiding the use of flick sticks or cords. You can find hand-drawn tracks at Spotlight in the traditional curtain track style, in fixed sizes or our convenient extendable track, or choose stylish window curtain rods with eyelets in a variety of finishes to suit your d�cor, and available in a range of sizes.

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Can I purchase hand drawn tracks at Spotlight?

Yes you can, browse the range of hand drawn tracks at Spotlight today and discover our whole selection of hand drawn tracks for your windows and doors around the home. Hand drawn curtain tracks are more economical than other options. They offer ease of use and with no cords, are ideal for homes or locations with young children, where cords might cause a risk of suffocation or other injuries. Hand drawn tracks are:

  • Unobtrusive and elegant.
  • Efficient, smooth and quiet operation.
  • Extremely long lasting and maintenance free.
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Are hand drawn tracks suitable for all curtains?

You can use every style of curtain that uses curtain hooks as its fixing system. This means that eyelet curtains, tab top curtains and rod pocket curtains are not suitable for use with hand drawn tracks. At Spotlight, we stock two types of hand drawn tracks, one that will take standard curtains and a heavy-duty version that is ideal for extra-long, extra wide or very heavy curtains.

What sizes do hand drawn tracks come in?

Our standard hand drawn track is extendable and is available in three lengths, including 80 - 120 cm, 120 - 200 cm, and 200 - 300 cm. This means that you can adjust the track to fit any window between the minimum and the maximum width. Our heavy-duty hand drawn track is also available in three different lengths, including 114 - 205 cm, 160 - 2297 cm and 205 - 388 cm.

What are hand drawn tracks made from?

Hand drawn curtain tracks are made from metal and include plastic or nylon fittings. They can be simply cared for by wiping dust and dirt off with a damp cloth. They come in white and are very unobtrusive against walls or ceilings, especially once the curtains have been hung at the window. They are easy to install and remove.

What other types of curtain tracks are available at Spotlight?

Spotlight carries a large range of different curtain tracks including cord drawn tracks, bendy tracks, lightweight tracks, heavy-duty tracks and more. You can find tracks here that are suitable for all types of windows including bay windows and patio doors. In addition, you might like to browse our range of wooden and metal curtain rods or poles if you prefer a more elaborate window dressing. As well as tracks, poles and rods, you will also find all essential accessories, such as finials, tiebacks, hooks, brackets, fixings and more here at Spotlight.



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