Multi Drop Sheers

Multi Drop Sheers

Finish off your windows with some of the gorgeous collection of sheer curtains available from Spotlight. Sold by the metre, choose from various lengths to suit your windows and doors around the house and let in light without sacrificing your privacy in overlooked areas.

Available in a range of plain, patterned and textured designs to suit both modern and classic interiors, some sheer curtain fabrics are available in various drops, while others are a fixed length.

Allow approximately 2.5 times the width of your window to get a full looking drape and fix with stretch wire to the window surround.

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  •   Anne Continuous Sheer

    Anne Continuous Sheer

    Come and add some fine style and elegance to your windows or glass doors using this eclectic Anne Continuous Sheer. This high quality polyester made sheer offers comfort and delightful feel that adds into your interior theme. This magnificent piece is made with elegant and luxury in mind in lieu of ...

    Was: $8.99 - $16.99

    Now: $4.49 - $8.49

  •   Jardine Lace Continuous Sheer

    Jardine Lace Continuous Sheer

    The Jardine Lace Continuous Sheer is an elegant sheer fabric that provides light filtering and maximum privacy when it comes to dressing your windows.

    Was: $18.99

    Now: $11.39

  •   Jardine Continuous Sheer

    Jardine Continuous Sheer

    Loving sheers? Looking for new ones to beautify your living area? Why not use this magnificent Jardine Continuous Sheer from Caprice Jardine range! It is a simple yet elegant continuous sheer design will surely suit any decor you have. Well made from high quality polyester material, it offers astoun...

    Was: $10.99 - $20.99

    Now: $6.59 - $12.59

  •   Sorrento Continuous Sheer

    Sorrento Continuous Sheer

    Sorrento Continuous Sheer made from premium quality sheer fabric. Sorrento Continuous Sheer will create the perfect hotel look in your bedroom or living space instantly. Enjoy the elegant luxury of this sheer curtain. It provides semi illusion and light filter to your selected space. This continuous...

    Was: $19.95

    Now: $11.97

  •   Lattice Continuous Sheer

    Lattice Continuous Sheer

    Hanging this Lattice Continuous Sheer will definitely bring style and elegance to your home and create the romance ambience. It will help to filter the light and add some privacy to your home. Great option to add a touch of luxurious and elegancy to your home decor. It is a sophisticated and very co...

    Was: $19.99

    Now: $11.99

  •   Contessa Continuous Sheer

    Contessa Continuous Sheer

    Given the name, this eclectic Contessa Continuous Sheer resembles pure elegance and class. Its embossed yet delicate texture will add in comfort and delightful design to your interior. Made from high quality polyester material to add in more comfort and durability for long lasting usage, wash after ...

    Was: $24.99

    Now: $14.99

  •   Roses Continuous Sheer

    Roses Continuous Sheer

    Enjoy the elegance of Roses Continuous Sheer features a sophisticated and soft draping fabric. The perfect drapery effect will surely enhance you space decor and create the delicate ambience by filtering natural sunlight go through the window. The light sheer will allow the sunlight in whilst mainta...

    Was: $13.99

    Now: $8.39

  •   Chelsea Continuous Sheer

    Chelsea Continuous Sheer

    Floral delight that resembles elegance and poise, this tantalizing Chelsea Continuous Sheer is definitely a sheer fit for modern and classic themed interior alike. It is made from high quality polyester material plus seamless floral design from top to bottom. It features delicate and intricate textu...

    Was: $21.99

    Now: $13.19

  •   Fern Continuous Sheer

    Fern Continuous Sheer

    Add in a more natural and closer to nature touch to your interior using this lovely Fern Continuous Sheer. With soothing colour combination and lovely embossed texture, it provides comfort and design to your home. Made from high quality polyester material, this exquisite piece from Caprice will sure...

    Was: $12.99

    Now: $7.79

  •   Duchess Cornelli Drop Sheer

    Duchess Cornelli Drop Sheer

    This simple and stunningly beautiful Duchess Cornelli Drop Sheer will fit just right in any given interior theme. With it delicate texture and simply artistic design curves, its colour combination adds into making it purely magnificent and elegant. Made from high quality polyester material in tantal...

    Was: $22.99

    Now: $13.79

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Can I purchase multi-drop sheers at Spotlight?

Yes, take a look at our large collection of sheer curtain fabric that is sold by the metre, ideal for covering windows where you would like to filter the sunlight or have a measure of privacy without blocking out all natural light. At Spotlight, you will find many different designs of sheer curtain fabric, some in one length, and other available in a variety of lengths, sometimes also called drop, to suit different sized windows and doors around the house. You will see from the pictures provided that some have a straight bottom edge, while others have a wavy or scalloped finish at the bottom.

How do I measure up the amount of fabric I need for multi-drop sheers?

The sizes listed next to each product represent the different lengths (drops) the material is available in. Find the most suitable for your window, and then allow approximately 1.5 to 2 times the width of the window to find the amount of fabric you will need, depending on how full you want your sheer curtains to be. Some sheer curtains do not require hemming at the sides, while others may need a small hem allowance if you want to finish the curtains off with a neat edging.

Are multi-drop sheers available only in white?

No, you will find a range of colours available in several of our multi-drop sheer designs, including cream, ivory, latte and even black, to fit into any style of interior. If you are browsing online, different colours will be represented by small coloured squares underneath the product image, and you can select your chosen colour before deciding how much fabric you will need during the purchasing process.

How do I put up my multi-drop sheers?

Our multi-drop sheers come with different headings. Some will have a small tunnel at the top to thread curtain wire through, which is then fixed tightly between two hooks that are screwed into either side of the window frame, while others have heading tape fixed to them, which can be gathered and then fixed to a rod or track by plastic hooks to create an instant window dressing. If no heading tape is fixed, you can sew your own tunnel or put a simple header tape on the curtain fabric.

How do I care for multi drop sheers?

Multi drop sheers can be gently washed by hand (washing in the machine is not recommended as the delicate fabric may be damaged in the machine) and rinsed, after which they can drip dry on the washing line or even back at the window. They should not need ironing but if creases have developed, iron them on a gentle warmth with a cotton cloth protecting them from the iron surface. If your white sheers have lost their brightness, there are special laundry products that can help restore them to a crisp white.

Does Spotlight also stock other sheer curtains?

Yes, why not check out our range of easy sheers as well, for an ever greater choice of sheer curtains at great prices!

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