Wooden Curtain Rods

Hang your curtains from these chunky wooden curtain rods and instantly create a warm and cosy atmosphere in every room of your home! Available in a number of natural wood shades as well as white, the wooden curtain poles from Spotlight are available in several lengths to suit most windows, and come complete with classic ball finials and curtain rings. Extra curtain rings and brackets are available too, and the wooden curtain poles are easy to install and require no maintenance apart from a clean now and then, so why not give your home an instant makeover with these elegant wooden curtain rods.

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Can I purchase wooden curtain rods at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stocks a number of curtain rods and poles available in various colours and finishes. Our large range of wooden curtain rods are available in a variety of different sizes to fit all types of windows. The wooden curtain rods attach to the wall with matching wood brackets, and your curtains will hang from matching rings that are included with the wooden curtain rod. For heavy curtains, you can also buy additional brackets and curtain rings at Spotlight.

Which colours and sizes do the wooden curtain rods come in?

Spotlights wooden curtain rods are available in a number of wood shades including, dark walnut, lighter hazelnut and white, so you can match them to other furnishings in the room or just opt for the best colour to match your curtains. There here are a number of different length options available, with sizes ranging from 150 cm to 350 cm long. Wooden curtain poles can of course be cut to size with the use of a small hacksaw, ensuring you get the perfect length.

How do I look after my wooden curtain poles?

Wooden curtain poles require very little maintenance, so just dusting and an occasional bit of furniture polish will keep them looking their best. If you need to clean them, you can also use a damp cloth and some mild detergent, but dont over-wet them as they may warp or crack.

Does Spotlight stock other curtain rods as well as wooden ones?

Yes, you can also find metal curtain rods at Spotlight in a range of different colours and sizes, as well as curtain tracks in a variety of styles. Some of the metal curtain tracks are extendable to fit a variety of window sizes. Fixings such as extra brackets and rings are also all available here, as are tie backs, curtain holdbacks and other accessories.

What other uses are there for wooden curtain poles?

Some people like to have a door curtain in front of glass doors, especially in winter, and wooden curtain poles are ideal for that use too. Always make sure you have enough room to move the curtain away from the door so it can open easily. Wooden curtain poles can also be used to display tapestries or other wall hangings around the home.



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