When looking for new curtains, you need to make sure everything matches. The same goes for your curtain rods, which must complement the style of your home. At Spotlight, customers can choose from a wide range of curtain rods. Whether you want wood or steel, we always have a great solution waiting for you.

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Can I purchase curtain rods at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! With a great range of curtain rods, you will be able to choose from metal rods and wooden rods in this range, as well as the many accessories, fixture and fittings that are available. Changing curtain rods can do as much to change the look of your window as changing the curtains themselves, and many people prefer the look of curtain rods to that of the plastic curtain tracks.

Curtain rods are normally fixed to the wall with matching brackets to either side of the window, but for wider windows you may need extra brackets to make sure the curtain rod can carry the weight of the curtain. Some curtains such as eyelet curtains, tab tops, and rod pockets will fit directly onto the curtain rod, while others can be hung from the rod by means of curtain rings.

What size curtain rod will I need?

Your curtain rod will always need to be wider than your window opening, but by exactly how much will be decided by the amount of room available, and whether you want your curtains to hang next to the window or (partly) in front of the window when they are open. This may affect the amount of light that comes into the room, as well as the width of the curtains that you have, or are considering purchasing.

Many of the metal curtain rods available at Spotlight are extendable, and the minimum and maximum sizes will be listed. Wooden curtain rods can be cut down to size, and for wider windows you can join two wooden rods with a centre joining bracket. When measuring, take into account the size of the finial (the decoration on the end of the curtain rod) as some can be large and will add to the overall length of the rod when it is put in place.

Are curtain rods available in different colours?

Yes, you can get a rod in a number of colours at Spotlight. The wooden curtain rods can be obtained in different wood colours as well as white, while the metal rods are available in silver, gunmetal grey, black, copper and bronze, to match your curtains and interior. Some have finials that involve beads and crystals too.

What else can I purchase to go with my curtain rods?

As well as curtains of course, which are available in a large range of colours, styles and sizes at Spotlight, you can also buy all the fixings needed for your curtain rods (many come included when you but the rods, but replacement fixings are also available), and you can also get tie back holders, as well as wooden or metal curtain hold backs to finish the look of your window dressing in style.

If you prefer the look of your curtains to include a valance at the top of the window, you can also buy valance rods at Spotlight that will allow the valance to hang in front of your curtains. They are expandable and will cover between 120 and 300 cm in length.



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