Roll Up Retractable Blinds

Keep the interior of your home cool and comfortable, and protect your priceless furniture from fading and damage caused by excessive sunlight. By installing some stylish and practical exterior blinds from Spotlight, this will enhance and complement the appearance of your home. Choose from Rollup Blinds and Retractable Blinds that can be fitted to the exterior walls of your home, which can be lowered quickly and easily when the sunlight is beating down - this will ensure that your home stays cool and energy-efficient no matter what temperature it is outside.

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What are outdoor retractable blinds?

Outdoor roll-up and retractable blinds are primarily used to keep the heat out of your home when the weather is very hot. Compared to indoor blinds, outdoor blinds are more effective because it keeps the heat and the sun from even touching the glass in your windows. By keeping the heat out, you'll also be able lower your energy bills.

Outdoor blinds can also give you more privacy and can keep bugs out whenever you want to open up your windows for some fresh air.

These outdoor blinds can be easily rolled up or retracted when they're no longer needed. Our outdoor blinds will also give any home a more contemporary look.

Because these blinds are intended for outdoor use, they use extremely durable materials that are not only resistant to fading, but can also withstand getting soaked in rainwater.

How do I choose the right outdoor retractable blinds?

We offer outdoor blinds in different sizes, so make sure to measure your windows before ordering. It's also important to check what fabric or materials the outdoor blinds are made of. Natural fibres and materials like cotton or wood will easily fade and wear out with constant exposure to the elements. If you want a durable set of rollup blinds, choose one that is made of synthetic materials like polyester or PVC, which are more versatile for use outdoors.

How do I install outdoor rollup blinds?

Our outdoor blinds come with all the fixtures you'll need to properly install them on your exterior walls and window frames. All you'll need is a set of basic tools and follow the instructions included with every set.

If you don't want to cover up all your windows with rollup blinds, you can strategically place them only in the windows that get directly hit by sunlight. Even if you only place your outdoor blinds in certain rooms and areas of your home, you'll still be able to enjoy noticeable drops in your monthly energy bills.

What other outdoor blinds and shades can I find at Spotlight Stores?

Aside from outdoor rollup blinds to cover up your windows, we also offer patio blinds for the outdoor living areas of your home like the patio, balcony, verandas and pergolas. These patio blinds can help make open areas a more comfortable place to be in all year round by protecting it from the cold wind and rain, as well as keeping insects out.

We also offer essential accessories like patio blind extenders and blind joiners that allow you connect two or more patio blinds together creating a single seamless unit that's more suitable for larger openings. We also sell patio blind cleats, wall anchors, pull cords and awning hooks.

Where can I find indoor curtains and blinds online?

If you need curtains or blinds of any kind, Spotlight Stores has a wide range to choose from. We have room darkening and blockout curtains that are ideal for keeping sunlight and the glow of street lights out of your bedroom so you can sleep better. We also sell thermal curtains that are specifically designed to provide better insulation for the different rooms in your home. We also have a variety of sheer curtains, uncoated polyester and cotton curtains, and jacquard curtains that are guaranteed to make any room or area in your home look more stylish and cosier.

What curtain accessories does Spotlight Stores offer?

Whether you simply need to install some curtains around your home or you want to sew your own curtains from scratch, Spotlight Stores has all the curtain accessories you'll ever need. Check out our range of curtain rods, tracks, rings, hooks, curtain weights, cords, braids and tassels that will let you properly setup and drape your curtains. We also offer sewing essentials like heading tape, hemming tape, eyelets, curtain fabrics, lining fabrics and webbing, just to name a few.



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